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I am a problem solver, a people person, and an all around good guy to know.  I like to bring people together to solve problems - using the knowledge of the group to find the answer. 
I have my opinions - and I love to voice them.  But - they are sounded only to start a conversation or to help find the best path I can see through a problem.  I am an Irish Italian, and from a large family, and I learned a lot from them.  First is to have an opinion (loud opinions are better, and funnier).  Second is to know you are (and actively be) a part of something bigger than you are - like the community or charitable organizations.  But, most importantly, I learned how to solve problems.  All families have problems - big families have big problems.  Everyone comes to the table with their thoughts - and we still have to leave the family table as a family.   With that in mind, my blogs are going to be all over the place.  I will follow suggestions on topics that are interesting, and I might say some things that you won't agree with.  But - ultimately - a better understanding of each other is the end goal.
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