Weekend Picks: Dueling Talent Competitions for Schools

Prom or BUSt? Or Geneva Idol Karaoke? How does one choose?

OK, you've got two excellent choices for fun and talent Friday — and both involve good causes for Geneva schools.

Option A?

Geneva Idol Karaoke Event 

Join the first-ever Geneva Idol Karaoke Event on Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, at EvenFlow Music & Spirits, 302 W. State St.

The Geneva Academic Foundation invites you and your friends and neighbors to join in as singers or as voters (or both!). Tickets are $10 if purchased ahead, $12 at the door.

There will be a lot of prizes, including prizes for Best Karaoke Performance (solo or group), Best School Performance (come on, Geneva teachers and staff, it is time to get your groove on!), Best Costume (solo or group), Karaoke Participation, Hula Hoop Contest, Finish That Tune Contests, and more!!!

It is going to be a very fun night!

Visit the GAF website (www.gafgeneva.org) to purchase tickets, sign up to sing, and for more information.

It is rumored but not confirmed that Rick Nagel will be one of the talent judges.

Option A-1?

Prom or BUSt Fundraiser for Prom 

The Geneva High School student council is holding a fun fundraiser for Prom this week, which will culminate at the Varsity Boys’ Basketball game on Jan. 24. 

Several GHS teachers have graciously offered to “perform” to help raise money for Prom busses. This week (Jan. 21-24), participating teachers and their chosen student sponsors will collect money. Students must “vote” by donating money to the performance(s) they most want to see. Money is also being collected during all lunch periods.

Here are the participating teachers and their talents:

  • Men of Science (Misters Raak, Lesatz, Nickelson, Gannon, Sweeney, Evans, Anderson) — will shave their beards to reveal mustaches that will be maintained for one week
  • Senorita Bach — will sing for us! She’s in a band!
  • Mrs. Grissinger — will create live artwork
  • Mr. Whitman — will dazzle us with a shootout against an undetermined partner

At Friday’s Varsity Boys’ Basketball game, the person or group that collects the most money throughout the week will perform their chosen activity. There will also be a performance from the second place group or person if they raise at least $500.


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