Patch Picks 5 Not-For-Profits Making a Difference

Patch found five organizations in Geneva that are making the world a better place.

Patch is all about service and volunteerism. It's one of the pillars this Aol subset was founded upon. So, what better topic for our Patch Picks than five organizations that make life better for folks who live here.

  1. is fighting malnutrition in senior citizens by providing healthy meals to people ages 60 and over. Each meal at the Golden Diners service fulfills one-third of the required nutritional daily allowance. The Salvation Army gives seniors a place to meet new people and socialize, while getting a nutritious, home cooked dinner. Payment is not required but donations are appreciated. 
  2. offers emotional and spiritual guidance to those experiencing a life-threatening illness. Through community support and volunteer staff, they are able to help patients and families with the difficult process of death, free of charge. From their humble beginnings in 1981, the Fox Valley Volunteer Hospice has grown to be the largest volunteer hospice in the United States. 
  3. CASA Kane County is an advocacy group providing support for abused and neglected children who have been removed from unstable homes and are entering the  juvenile court system. More than 200 volunteers worked 538 cases in Kane County last year, making sure the best interest of minors was being represented in court and later being attended to at home. Volunteers work cases for an average of two years, providing a sense of stability for the children to rely on. 
  4. provides 24 hour care for children and adults with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. While some residents are born with congenital disorders, others have been faced with these obstacles after an accident or illness. Through compassion, education, and support, Marklund helps families provide a quality of life that is not attainable at home. 
  5. is an organization focused on providing affordable and quality family and youth counseling services.  This community based outreach program works with individuals and families affected by substance abuse and mental health issues. Tri-Cities offers early intervention, youth counseling, and family behavioral health support to aid in relapse prevention.

Editor's note to volunteer organizations: Please use Geneva Patch to support your volunteer efforts. It's what the site is here for. Click on the Volunteers tab at the top of the home page to find out more.


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