Geneva Stars Will Get Dance Assignments Sunday

Here's the first of a series of stories on the 2012 Dancing with the Geneva Stars.

The six couples competing in the 2012 Dancing with the Geneva Stars fundraiser are beginning their journey and learning their dance assignments this week.

At 6 p.m. Sunday at , 9 N. Fourth St., the dance teams will be assigned their instructors and dance routines, as well as have measurements taken for costumes and photos taken for upcoming publicity.

The 2012 Dancing with the Geneva Stars fundraiser takes place on Feb. 4 at  the dance teams will be together in one place at one time prior to the event. 

State Street Dance Studio founder and artistic director Linda Cunningham will answer media questions about the event and the studio’s role in providing lessons to participants and determining costumes to fit the dance routines.

The event has sold out well in advance its first three years and has been a great success for the  and .


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