At Good Templars' Holiday Craft and Bake Sale, There's No Place Like Gnome

Quaint cottages, unique and inexpensive hand-crafted gifts, wonderful home-baked treats and extremely nice people make this event a joy.

The Holiday Craft and Bake Sale at Good Templar Park was in one building last year, quaint and cute and adorable—and full of inexpensive and unique gift items and home-baked treats. My daughter Tricia bought me a Christmas gift right under my nose—a Charlie Brown Christmas tie—and was able to get it back home without my noticing.

This year, the event expanded into several cottages, with gnomes (most two-dimensonal, one life-sized and breathing) and luminaria marking the way.

Many of the items for sale were hand-made and hand-painted, including the Swedish horses, aka Dalecarlian horses or Dala horses, homemade scented candles by Carri Kruckenberg and greeting cards of historic and well-known Geneva sites created from original watercolors by Kathy McPartland.

This year, Tricia and I left with several bags of craft items and some big smiles on our faces.

I can only guess what she's bought me for Christmas this year.


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