Wolf on a Leash in Downtown Geneva? During Swedish Days?

A lot of people saw what looked like a wolf on a leash during Swedish Days. Is that possible, or is it simply a dog that looks like a wolf?

I spy with my little eye ...

A wolf on a leash in downtown Geneva? During Swedish Days?

That's the scuttlebutt, according to a number of folks who asked the question of Geneva Patch. Inquiring minds want to know.

"Have you heard about the guy walking a dog or what looked like a wolf down Third Street at Saturday night?" asked Rob Plinske. "Everybody was talking about it. Did you see it, or do you have any information to share with us? I am just curious what it was and, if it was a wolf, how that is allowed?"

Well, if it was a wolf, it's not allowed, Geneva police Cmdr. Eric Passarrelli said.

"In regard to the wolf sightings, we heard of it through the grapevine, but to the best of my knowledge, it was not observed by any of our officers," he said. "There is a local ordinance that would prohibit this type of animal being on a leash downtown, that would allow for the issuance of a local ordinance ticket."

Maybe it was one of those cases of a dog breed that happens to look like a wolf. But with so many , is the wolf the Next Big Thing?

"My husband and I agreed it looked like a white wolf. It was huge!" said Mary Funkhouser on the Geneva Patch Facebook page. "I just watched the movie The Grey last night, and now think I should have been more concerned."

Annette Dakini Crawford MacLean even took some photos and posted them on the Geneva Patch Facebook page. If this is the wolf in question (see photo), he or she is a kindly-looking sort. Annette says it is, in fact, a wolf.

"He was quite large in person. Very docile. But, I did notice that his tail was tucked between his legs. Considering the amount of attention he received, he did very well. His fur was very soft," she said on Facebook.


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Stephanie Ascencio June 27, 2012 at 07:57 PM
We met a really nice couple at St. Charles' festival a few weeks ago. They own a Native American Indian Dog (NAID), probably the same beautiful dog that made the appearance in Geneva, and a bulldog. We asked many questions about their NAID because there was really a sense of spirit and intelligence about his dog. In fact, it touched us so much that we are moving forward to work with a breeder in Indiana. To learn more about this breed, you can visit: www.sacredsongindiandogs.com. By the way, don't all domesticated dogs come from some form of wolf?
Anthony June 28, 2012 at 08:26 PM
I'll confirm that it was indeed a wolf - okay, a beautiful wolf. I had believed that it was illegal to own a wolf in Illinois, but the owner said that he had a special permit from the USDA to own the animal. Side note: NAIDs, a dog and not a wolf, are beautiful and can be great home pets. As with any other breed of dog, please do you homework. Every breed has its quirks, challenges and needs. They have a double coat and once spring hits, you will find their fur everywhere when they blow their coat. They need vigorous exercise and mental stimulation, or you could end up with a big, hairy, bored, destructive dog with possible separation issues.


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