Island Park Bridge Work Progressing

The north bridge at Island Park still needs a middle but seems to be progressing in time for its November completion.

The , in addition to being a wonderful Labor Day weekend entertainment event, was a nice little showcase for the progress of work on the Island Park north bridge.

The , of course, has kept the park closed and the since . 

Over the weekend, a gravel walking path along the side of the bridge allowed folks to enter Island Park from the north side and get a pretty good view of the bridge work progress. The south segment and the north segment of the new bridge are formed. The middle part of the "arch" has yet to be poured.

Construction crews are accessing the construction site via a temporary bridge that crosses the river from the former Mill Race Inn parking lot. Sadly, the Mill Race Inn looks forlorn, and the water level is extremely low in the cove area near the former Gazebo.

The bridge work was made possible through a stimulus grant secured in 2010 in the amount of $729,110.


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