Island Park Bridge Construction in Full Swing

Bike path re-route takes you to River Lane.

Island Park's north bridge construction is in full swing, aided by warm weather and a low river level.

The bridge was 81 years old, and the Park District was to get the replacement work done.

As you can see by the attached photos, the old bridge is down and the new one is just getting started. Workers have cleverly made a bridge from the former Mill Race Inn parking lot to the island, over which it can move construction equipment. 

According to a Daily Herald article in March, the Park District intends to add a —the aerial rope slide so popular during the 2012 Swedish Days. The district also will update its playground equipment and make improvements to the pavilion.

The Concert in the Park series moves to on Western Avenue, and is moving to .

The, scheuduled for Sept. 2 and Sept. 3 this year, will still be held in Island Park.

The popular Fox River Trail is detoured, as follows:

• Coming from the north, patrons will be detoured at Route 38. They will be directed to cross Route 38 at Route 25 and head west utilizing the south side sidewalk across the Route 38 bridge. Patrons will then be directed to go south on River Lane and pick up the trail again at the end of River Lane. The trail will lead to the pedestrian bridge to cross back to the east side of the river and continue south.

• Coming from the south, patrons will be detoured at the pedestrian bridge by the railroad bridge. They will be directed to head west across the river and then head north on the trail which will end at River Lane. Patrons will take River Lane north to Route 38 and will head east over the river utilizing the south side sidewalk of the Route 38 bridge. They will then cross Route 38 at Route 25 and continue north.

SOURCE: Geneva Park District

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