Reports: Geneva's Pat Schiller Earns Spot on Atlanta Falcons Practice Squad

Media reports indicate that Geneva's Patrick Schiller, the standout linebacker for NIU, didn't make the 53-man roster for the Atlanta Falcons, despite a great preseason performance. But that was good enough for Schiller to be on the practice squad.

According to a blog by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Geneva native and NIU linebacker Patrick Schiller just missed making the team for the Atlanta Falcons.

But that near miss was good enough to land him on the Falcons' practice squad.

Schiller was waived Friday. According to the blog by D. Orlando Ledbetter, Schiller had a great game against Jacksonville on Thursday, when he had eight tackles, including one for a loss.

While that wasn't quite good enough to make the team, it must have been enough for Atlanta to want him close by. The Falcons only have five linebackers on the 53-man roster, so it seems reasonable that they'd want some understudies waiting in the wings.

Schiller is the only linebacker listed on the Falcons' eight-man practice squad.

At Tuesday night's City Council meeting, Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns said Schiller gave him a call, saying he was released on Friday, flew home Saturday and almost immediately received notice from the Falcons: "Can you get on the next plane? We want you back," as Burns told the tale.

Burns said Schiller officially signed with the team and "may be travelling to Kansas City this week."

First Ward Alderman Sam Hill says he remembers watching Schiller play for the Geneva Vikings. "He put out more effort and was more successful than the all-staters and all-stars on that team," Hill said.

Schiller wears good old No. 50 for the Falcons, the same as a pretty fair Bears linebacker named Mike Singletary.





Political PR Machine September 05, 2012 at 03:33 AM
Kudos to Pat Schiller and the Schiller family for their dedication and commitment. Matt Birk began on the practice squad for Minnesota Vikings before getting to Pro Bowl Status...Congrats!
Paul G. Gay December 04, 2012 at 12:02 PM
Just read the NYT Magazine article and thought I'd check Pat's status. Godspeed Pat. Loved following you through NIU days (what a season they're having!!!), and will keep you in my prayers as you work your way to that full-time signed status you are earning. Stay focused!


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