PLAYOFF PREVIEW: There's High Emotion in This Geneva-Vs.-Zurich Contest

Yes, there's a football game on Saturday, but which is really the best city? An Internet search provides some answers.

  • Editor's note: This column originally was posted on Geneva Patch. We're cross-publishing on Lake Zurich Patch (hopefully) for your amusement.

A lot of folks have been asking for my take on the classic Geneva-Vs.-Lake-Zurich matchup and so, in the great tradition of modern digital-age journalism I decided, yes, this is a story I can aggregate.

Let's go to the Internet.

If you Google Geneva vs. Lake Zurich, you'll find very quickly that the top information sources are Fodor's and Thorn Tree. Their commenters offer these insights.

"Geneva only has a couple of nice spots worth mentioning, by the lakesside and in the old town, but otherwise it is pretty boring, a city for office workers and administrations ... ."

Geez, that seems harsh. There does seem to be a lot of Zurich fans out there, but there are detractors, as well.

"People tend to be a bit more distant in Zurich, but the nightlife is supposed to be better."

"Between Zürich and Geneva, I'd say Zürich is much the nicer city, and well worth two nights and a day."

On the other hand, another commenter gives a game-day breakdown with five key matchups that clearly favor Geneva:

  • Museums: TOO CLOSE TO CALL — both towns have great museums
  • Shopping: TOO CLOSE TO CALL — virtually no difference
  • Dining: EDGE GENEVA — both places have excellent (expensive) restaurants; Geneva may be a little better
  • Scenic Sightseeing: EDGE GENEVA — the Lake of Geneva area is nicer
  • Climate: EDGE GENEVA — Lake of Geneva is better

"I dunno," says another sports analyst. "It's kind of like Cleveland or Pittsburgh. Toss a coin."

"Basically, if you like French culture (this includes languages, townscapes, attitudes, cuisine etc.), go to Geneva, if you prefer German(ic) versions of the same, go to Zurich," says another.

"Both produce the original Swiss Army Knife (because there are two original Swiss Army knives!), neither is the home of the cuckoo clock (because it's a German invention), Geneva has fondue and Zurich has rösti, and seeing as French-Swiss people are usually quite different in their ways of life than German-Swiss folk, it's a bit hard to make an even comparison ... in other words, you're lucky. You'll have a good time regardless :)"

"Very easy answer—both are nice, both will give you a vastly different piece of Switzerland."

Wait a minute. Switzerland?


Rick Nagel October 29, 2011 at 04:10 PM
#Lake Zurich overwhelming favorite over #Geneva in this #Patch poll: 271-77 at 11:07 a.m. Saturday. Game time is 1 p.m.!


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