'Let’s Go Fly A Kite!' Amazing Display at Park District's Saturday High-Flying Extravaganza

A polychromic display of soaring kites speckled the cloudless, blue sky at the Kite Festival hosted at Peck Farm Athletic Fields Saturday afternoon.

“It was a sight to behold,” one onlooker said. Children and adults of all ages were welcome to attend Geneva Park District’s Kite Festival, which was scheduled from 11-4 p.m. at Peck Farm Fields.

The first 200 people who arrived at the festival received a free paper kite to color and fly. The wind was ideal for kite flying much of the afternoon and amidst the cool air and bright sun, everyone there appeared to have success in getting their kites to hover gently in the sky. Chicago Kites (chicagokite.com) was on site selling kites ranging from colorful, kid-friendly kites to those over six feet in width. Antonio’s pizza and sweet treats from Dairy Queen were available for all kite fliers to purchase throughout the afternoon as well.

There were even some extra-large, impressive kites being flown by professionals as a form of suitable entertainment for the day. A giant panda graced the sky along with an oversized seahorse and large double and triple wind gliders.

Now, while I wish I could end this article by telling you how great I am at flying kites, that is simply not the case. I do not lack coordination, but I am yet to master the rhythm of the wind. So for the sake of avoiding impending embarrassment, I was content to observe the many children, adults and professional kite flyers guiding their kites smoothly in flight for the duration of the afternoon

Saturday was an absolutely stunning day in Geneva, and with kites in the sky, the warm sun on my face, and the first glimpse of color in the trees, it was an excellent day to embrace the autumn season. 


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