GAME DAY: What Bertrand Russell Has to Say About the St. Charles North Game

And Rob Wicinski and Yoda, as well.

"The only thing we have to fear is St. Charles North itself."

"To conquer fear of St. Charles North is the beginning of wisdom."

"Fear of the North Stars is the path to the Dark Side."

The Kane County Chronicle's excellent Week 5 analysis quotes Geneva head coach Rob Wicinski, voluminously and appropriately. Forget Betrand Russell, Wicinski is the YODA of local football knowledge.

And Rob says, basically, the FDR quote. He says St. Charles North shows terrific play in the game films, but the 0-4 North Stars seem also to find the "bad things happening to good people."

"If you think too hard about bad things, bad things happen," he told the Chron sports guys.

So I've traditionally taken on the heavy, Eeyore-inspired burden of  myself.

Bad Thing #1: . That was last year's score. At . During Geneva's Homecoming. Optimists will say, "Hey, we won, didn't we? And it was a great game!" That is why they're optimists.

Bad Thing #2: The theme for last year's Geneva Patch game story was Freaky Friday. What kind of a sports writer has a movie theme for a sports story?

Bad Thing #3: It's St. Charles North's Homecoming. Which means for the parade, right around the time I'm publishing this.

I'm sure I can think of more. (Looking too far ahead to the game, underestimating St. Charles North, the , etc.) In fact, I'm pretty sure I could do this all day. 

So we'll close with a reprise from Bertrand Russell, who I'm pretty sure led Arkansas in tackle points in 1912: "Fear is the main source of superstition."

I'll be the guy in the press box .


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