GAME DAY: Ask Mr. Geneva Sports Guy About the Vikings Vs. Elgin

And don't forget those refrigerator magnets!

Here's some Vikings Q&A miscellany to brighten your day prior to the Friday-night lights at Burgess Field, courtesy of Mr. Geneva Sports Guy.

Q: What do we know about Elgin?

A: It's north of here, and they used to make watches.

Q: No, no, no: What do we know about the Elgin High School varsity football team, which is playing Geneva at home, starting at 7:30 p.m., when they'll be handing out ?

A: Oh, that Elgin. Everything we know about Elgin, we know by aggregating other, actual news sources.

Q: And they are saying ... ?

A: Well, the Daily Herald's excellent Week 4 Scouting report is saying that Elgin head coach Dave Bierman is a good friend of Geneva head coach Rob Wicinski and that they were on the same NIU football team that went to the 1983 California Bowl. The Courier's outstanding Erik Jacobsen says Elgin RB Dennis Moore will be back to face Geneva, following a sprained ankle that kept him out of the second game of the season.

Q: Do they predict who's likely to win?

A: Erik predicts a Geneva win.

Q: What are the two teams' records?

A: Elgin is 1-2, Geneva is 3-0. But there's no reason to be overconfident. The Maroons lost to Bartlett and Streamwood (I think), and those are two really good teams. (I think.) Did I mention the ?

Q: Yes, you did.

A: Thanks.

Q: So, what happened when the two teams met last year?

A: I had a hot dog and a diet Coke, and bought a water for team statistician Bob Herrera, which is a tradition that continues to this day. Also, . The "dek" of the Geneva Patch article says "A huge run by junior Parker Woodworth breaks it open in the fourth quarter, and the Vikings hold off the Maroons at Memorial Field." Parker Woodworth is now—stop the presses—a senior.

Q: Are we done now?

A: That's enough for this week. I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting ... Oh, yeah! Subliminal () marketing ().



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