Whiz Kid Emily Schooley First GHS Girl to Compete in CAD Competition

A’s and B’s in honors classes and President of GHS Engineering Club isn’t enough for Emily Schooley to accomplish in just two years at Geneva High School. She is the first female from Geneva to qualify for the state CAD competition.

Whiz Kid: Emily Schooley

Whiz Kid's School: Geneva High School

Whiz Kid's Accomplishment: First GHS female to compete in CAD State competition

Whiz Kid's Key to Awesomeness:

Emily Schooley defies the male dominated field of science and engineering and she encourages other girls to join her.  Schooley works with Northern Illinois University, Motorola and Girl Scouts of America to mentor middle school girls to explore engineering and science.  She is also president of the Geneva High School Engineering Club.

Last week Schooley made history by being the first female to qualify for the Illinois State competition in Computer Aided Design.  The state contest is Saturday, April 30 at Illinois State University.

Schooley doesn’t stop when school is out.  She spends her summers at the Bernard Harris Science Camp at Northern Illinois University.  Her future plans include aerospace and electronic engineering and she is researching Olin College in Massachusetts.

And who said, “Girls just wanna have fun?”


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