School District 304 Holds Public Hearing Monday on $85 Million Budget

Want to get a head start? The budget is now available online.

Here's your chance to put in your 2 cents on an $85 million Geneva School District budget.

District 304's public hearing on the 2011-12 budget is on the agenda for the School Board's 7 p.m. Monday meeting at the , 1113 Peyton St.

"Why should I care?" you ask? Two good reasons: Your child's education and your pocketbook. School District 304 and School District 304 pensions together account for about 67 percent of your property tax bill.

You can see from the spreadsheet below some of the broad numbers from the 2011-12 budget. The School District plans to spend $85,732,569 during the upcoming school year. The biggest chunk of that is $45,766,132 for salaries, plus another $8,416,915 in benefits.

District 304 board meeting agendas now can be viewed at the School District's website. If you start at the home page, click on "Board of Education" on the left, then click on "Meetings" on the right and "Agendas" on the right.

You'll also find the full copy of the budget by clicking "Finances" on the left-hand side of the home page.



Description Educational

Operations/ Maintenance

Debt Service Transportation Retirement Total Salaries $40,161,870 $3,841,117 n/a $1,763,145 n/a $45,766,132 Employee Benefits $5,342,302 $735,669 n/a $53,507 $2,285,437 $8,416,915

Purchased Services 

 $3,452,458 $1,708,401 -0- $960,700 n/a $6,121,559 Supplies & Materials $1,056,947 $2,586,750 n/a $305,200 n/a $3,948,897 Capital Outlay $587,800 $1,514,500 n/a -0- n/a $2,102,300 Other Objects $4,249,475 $76,000 $14,606,201 $29,000 -0- $18,960,676 Non-Capitalized Equipment $116,090 $300,000 n/a -0- n/a $416,090 Termination Benefits -0- -0- n/a -0- n/a -0- Total Expenditures $54,966,942 $10,762,437 $14,606,201 $3,111,552 $2,885,437 $85,732,569
Bob McQuillan August 05, 2011 at 02:25 AM
Remember back in the 2nd week of May when you were shocked that your assessed value decreased yet you property taxes increased? That cycle will repeat itself with the 2011-12 school budget scheduled to be voted on Monday August 8th. A quick review of the proposed budget shows that the Geneva School District continues to amass huge reserve funds, this year increasing that fund by 4.7 million dollars to a total of 48.1 million dollars. That is more than half of the entire yearly budget of $85 million. Don't believe me? Check out the information for yourself directly from the School District website; https://www.geneva304.org/d304_finances/documents/20110630110301.pdf The estimated beginning fund balance as of July 1, 2011 for all funds totals 43.4 million dollars (page 2 line 3, add all the funds together). The estimated fund balance as of June 30, 2012 for all funds is 48.1 million (page 3 line 81). THAT MEANS THAT 4.7 MILLION DOLLARS WILL BE COLLECTED THAT IS NOT NEEDED! Over the last three months, hundreds of community members have asked the school board to reduce their taxes. Instead, this school board is asking for $4,700,000 more than they need to operate next year. I urge everyone to attend Monday's meeting at the former Coultrap Elementary School at 7pm and ask why the school district needs $48,100,000 in reserves. You will be shocked at the answer, if they bother to answer you at all. Don't wait till May 2012 to again question why your taxes are so high.
Jim J August 05, 2011 at 03:06 PM
SARCASM ALERT But Bob, "It's for the kids". Jim James


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