Public Invited to Share Priorities with Geneva Board of Education on April 28

Here's your chance to contribute to Geneva School District 304's priority list.

The Geneva School District Board of Education is inviting parents, students and community members to help shape the school district’s goals and priorities for future school years by providing feedback.

All are encouraged to attend a meeting on Saturday, April 28, to share thoughts on curriculum, finance, facilities, and other priorities in Geneva School District.

The meeting will be held on Saturday, April 28, from 10 a.m. to noon in the cafeteria at Geneva Middle School North, 1357 Viking Drive. 

The meeting will be broken up into comments on the following topics:

1. What are your priorities for Geneva School District’s facilities?

2. What do you believe should be the district’s priorities in financial management?

3. What should be or continue to be programmatic and/or educational priorities in Geneva School District?

4. Additional comments


SOURCE: Geneva School District 304 press release

Elconejo April 29, 2012 at 03:24 PM
Geneva High School and its students would benefit greatly from fewer lecture-style classes and more multi-media, hand-on education opportunities. Give students more opportunities to take project-oriented classes with presentations and computer usage. This is more in keeping with where the world and higher education is headed. Also, why do we continue to offer French and German when they are spoken by such a small part of the world's population? Others such as Mandarin and Arabic-based languages should replace these.
Elconejo April 29, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Regarding facilities usage: I am just throwing out an idea here for discussion. One way to reduce crowding at the high school would be to have traditional lectures only half the day and for shorter sessions. The second part of the day could be used for research and project development that truly prepares students for higher education and the real world. And, older students could have the opportunity to take courses at Waubonsee or other local colleges during that time (at their own expense or with scholarship dollars?). Perhaps Coultrap could serve as the resource center and be an annex of sort for our library. I do not believe the solution to over-crowding is more classrooms but more creative and forward-thinking use of our facilities and resources. Of course, this reduces the convenient use of Scan-tron testing for teachers, but if they are only lecturing half the day -- or doing the same lecture for a morning and afternoon class, this should give them more time for reading research papers and reviewing project. It could be a more dynamic environment for them as well.


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