'Photo Day' Malfunction Means GMS North Students Will Re-Take Photos Oct. 24

A rare equipment problem forces a "re-take" day at Geneva Middle School North. Parents who pre-paid will get two free 5-by-7 photos.

A Sept. 12 equipment glitch has led to a "re-do" for all Geneva Middle School North students who had their pictures taken on that day.

According to a note sent to parents in a 304Connects e-blast, HR Imaging photographed students for the annual school photo shoot. Unfortunately, "all images from that day failed to meet our quality standards and are unprintable."

So all students are scheduled for a retake day on Oct. 24.

"We apologize for this inconvenience to you, your students, and the staff at Geneva North Middle School," said Christopher Brewer, account coordinator
HR Imaging Partners. "We realize that you made a special effort to prepare your children for picture day; we do not take problems like this lightly. We want to make every effort in an attempt to compensate everyone fairly for this inconvenience."

Parents who purchased a package from original picture day will still have the photos quickly. "We will be rushing this job through our lab so you will receive your order as soon as possible," Brewer said.

HR Imaging Partners will be including two additional 5-by-7 portraits in every package purchased at no additional cost.

"Malfunctions of this nature are extremely rare in the digital age. In my five years dealing with digital photography as a HR Imaging Partners representative, I have never seen a malfunction like this," Brewer said.

Brewer said HR Imaging photographs many schools throughout the Midwest every day without incident.

"I cannot express how regretful I am that this happened and how confident I am that we will set this right in all our future dealings with your school, your students, and the parents of students at Geneva North Middle School," he said.


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