Meet Geneva High School's Students of the Month

The following students have been nominated as Geneva High School's Students of the Month for May 2014, according to a Geneva Community Unit School District 304 press release. 

Katrina Pronenko, Grade 10

Nominated by Emma Cole

Kat Pronenko is my choice for Student of the Month because I think she is developing a real interest in science and I hope to encourage her to continue pursuing her interests! She always has valuable contributions in class, either when she shares about a program she watched or something she read, or simply asking/answering questions thoughtfully. I hope she continues to be curious about the world around her! She is a great kid to have in class.

Emily Hartsock, Grade 11

Nominated by Kim Lee

Emily is a student in my Algebra II class this year.  Emily has a take-charge personality and doesn’t let any obstacles stop her from reaching her goals.   She is a self-motivated individual that handles responsibility well.  She is an effective independent worker and will complete any task I give to her in a timely matter.   I have a great deal of admiration and respect for Emily and everything that she has accomplished throughout this year while dealing with difficult concepts and situations.  I know that she will be successful in any adventure she undertakes in her future.  

Victoria Ascencio, Grade 12

Nominated by Kathy Jankovic

Victoria Ascencio has been chosen as the FACS Student of the Month because of her passion and dedication to our student-run business, Restaurant 304. During the past year Victoria has been instrumental in creating and organizing community events - the History Center Crèche Lunch, The Inland Bank evening catering event & most recently the Band Directors meeting held at GHS. Victoria understands customer service. Because of her dedication, the GHS culinary program continues to grow a reputation for excellence. Victoria also competed at Skills USA, earning a bronze medal for her culinary expertise. Victoria can always be counted on to help out whenever and wherever needed. She is a shining star that is always soaring to new heights.  

Robert Machlet, Grade 11

Nominated by Jen Arnett

I have the pleasure of nominating Robert Machlet (or Robbie as he is better known) as the May Student of the Month for the Fine and Applied Arts Department. Robbie deserves this nomination for a variety of reasons. In fact, there are way too many to mention here this morning!  There is one event that truly stands out right now in terms of the timing of this nomination. Last month, Robbie competed in a competition at Zeigler Fiat in Schaumburg using a project that he had been working on most of the semester, with two teammates where they redesigned a Fiat. They were then to compile all of their information on their design and present it to a panel of judges. Scary… even with a team, right? Imagine how you would react if you then found out that none of your teammates were going to be able to be at the competition with you? And you find this out the day before the competition? Incredibly scary and intimidating! Despite being one of the tall and quiet types, who has a tendency not to say much in class – at all – Robbie got up there in front of the panel of judges and an audience of about 30. He then proceeded to present the project with a great deal of class and professionalism, on his own. He simply blew everyone away and impressed the other teams competing as well. Another team won the competition, but Robbie got up there and did something that many adults are scared to do! I am so very proud of him and honored to be able to nominate him as a Student of the Month!

Alana Goodrich, Grade 12

Nominated by Martha Behlow

I would like to name Alana Goodrich as the French student of the month.  Currently a student in French V - Advanced Placement, Alana has consistently demonstrated amazing work ethic, mature insight, and dedication to her studies.  Alana is talented in a variety of disciplines, she is a well-rounded student who has a lovely sense of humor and kind attitude towards other students.  She has been involved in the Société Honoraire de Français as a member of the Executive Council, and has helped to encourage student involvement and participation.  Alana has a gift for French and a keen intellect, but she does not rest on her laurels.  She even came to school on Senior Skip Day!  What a marvelous example Alana sets!  She works diligently to improve her French, and I am certain that she will continue to experience success in her studies when she starts her university studies next year.

I feel truly fortunate to have had Alana as a student in the GHS French program for the past four years! 

Claire Oetter, Grade 9

Nominated by Sarah Meadows

Respectful, positive, friendly, fun and cooperative are the words I would use to describe Claire in PE class.  I think it is probably safe to say that PE is not her favorite class, but I would never know it - and that says a lot about a person.  She comes every day with a good attitude and is ready for whatever activity we are doing.  I never hear her complain.  She participates in the different activities and has fun while playing.  I can always count on a smile and a friendly greeting from Claire as I am taking attendance. I have really enjoyed getting to know Claire this semester and I have loved having her in class. 

Monica Altmayer, Grade 10

Nominated by Janie Doutsos

I am thrilled to nominate Monica Altmayer for Student of the Month.  Monica exemplifies the qualities of a great learner.  She participates in every class discussion and always adds something interesting to the discourse. I also enjoy her humor that often illuminates the ironies of the difficult subjects we cover.  She is curious and open minded about the world and willing to examine her positions with honest insight.  It is refreshing to see a young woman like Monica who is so confident, self-aware, and comfortable in her skin.  She also has a sense of responsibility to society and has already started planning how she will make a positive impact on our school and our community.  I think she is a great role model for younger girls.  For all these reasons, I am pleased to recognize her talents with this honor.

Taylor Hamilton, Grade 10

Nominated by Jen Lechelt

Taylor Hamilton is a deserving Student of the Month. Her determination to achieve whatever she sets her mind to has been evident through her efforts and attitude. Taylor is a creative, positive individual with a bright future. When the going gets tough, Taylor manages to keep herself on an even path and her efforts lately have been unwavering.  She has developed a real understanding of how attitude determines an outcome.  Taylor is personable and willing to assist another. She has a ready smile and a willingness to grow personally and academically. 

Taylor is deserving of special recognition due to her special qualities and the person she is.

Kelly Jezior, Grade 10

Nominated by Paul Thill

I am proud to nominate Kelly Jezior as my Student of the Month for not only her academic and community contributions but also and, perhaps most importantly, her contributions to what I call educational spirit--particularly my own.   Simply put, Kelly makes school feel like it is the right place to be.  Through her friendliness, smile, and genuineness, she makes everyone feel appreciated and valuable.  I had Kelly in class as a freshman, and she was everything a teacher could ask for: conscientious, curious, well-prepared, and diligent.  Outside of school Kelly has—among many other things--volunteered for Lions Club and helped our foreign exchange students with the transition process to Geneva.   It has been our occasional hallway interactions since then, however, that have made the largest impression on me.  Not a single time—ever—has Kelly been too busy to say hello and ask how I am doing.  She has a way of gently encouraging people when they need it most.  On a daily basis, Kelly makes more of an impact on Geneva High school than she will ever know.



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