Just in Case Your Mill Creek Kids Ask Why They're Being Weighed

The answer is: cross-country skiing.

Mill Creek Elementary is giving a heads up to parents of fourth- and fifth-graders, just in case their kids come home one day next week (actually Feb. 28 to April 11) saying they got to weigh themselves in gym that day.

Rick Belvel, the MCES physical education teacher is looking forward to incorporating cross country skiing in his fourth- and fifth-grade PE curriculum within the next year or so. To purchase the right size and quantity of skis, the average user weight range will be required. So, during fourth and fifth grade PE classes, Rick will ask students to individually go into his office, weigh themselves on a digital scale, write only their weight down on the provided piece of paper and then drop the information in the enclosed box he will have placed next to the scale.

Rick realizes that weight can sometimes be a stickey subject at even 10 or 11, so he wants to assure all parents that this is strictly an "anonymous survey"—but one that will be of tremendous help to him when ordering the ski equipment!  (And, hopefully, many of our current fourth- and fifth-grade students will have siblings who in years to come will be able to enjoy this exciting addition to the PE curriculum!)

Questions may be directed to Rick at either rbelval@geneva304.org<mailto:rbelval@geneva304.org> or 630-4346-5580.

This article is courtesy of Mill Creek Elementary School.


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