Introducing October's Geneva High School Students of the Month

Geneva's October students of the month are a smart and conscientious group.

Geneva High School students succeed at all levels, from sports to extracurriculars to academics. Here are the students of the month for October.


Molly McQueeny, Grade 9
Nominated by Scott Hennig

It is my pleasure to nominate Molly McQueeny as our Physical Education student of the month. Molly has been a joy to have in class since day one. She does everything asked of her with enthusiasm and great effort. During the teambuilding unit, Molly displayed her leadership in different activities and showed willingness to work with other students. Molly is always willing to help a classmate and contribute to her team. During the dreadful fitness days, Molly exerts great effort and continues to lead the class. I look forward to Molly’s leadership, fantastic attitude and outstanding work ethic all year.


Brianna Seybold, Grade 9
Nominated by Kathy Jankovic

Bree Seybold was chosen as the FACS student of the month because of her outstanding work ethic and enthusiasm in first hour Foods 1 class. Bree is also an active member of Culinary Club. She possesses all of the qualities needed to be a successful student. Bree is honest, helpful, organized, responsible, dependable and resourceful. At the beginning of the year when I do not know grade levels of all my students, since all my classes are mixed level, I was surprised that Bree was a freshman. Her conduct and maturity are more typical of an upperclassman. Bree always has a smile and is ready to work despite the early hour. I can always count on her to have the correct answer and to inspire other students. Every teacher dreams of having a high caliber student like Bree in class. I look forward to having her as a student over the next four years.


Hanlon O’Connor, Grade 10
Nominated by Peter Raak

Hanlon is my student of the month for a variety of reasons. Like all good students, he is very conscientious and studious. But Hanlon goes beyond working hard in class. He also comes to class with a positive attitude and brings others up around him. He actively participates in the class helping to move the lesson forward. Along with being focused on the task at hand, Hanlon also likes to engage in timely conversations and humor that allow the class to feel more at ease and tightly knit. These attributes are important to the class as he definitely helps set a good tone for the rest of the class to follow. 


Marc Hornig, Grade 10
Nominated by Shawn Maxwell

For October, the music department has selected Marc Hornig as the student of the month. During each class, he participates in discussion and shares his understanding and knowledge of the lesson. Marc continues to demonstrate his enthusiasm on a daily basis with thoughtful questions that seek clarification and challenge the subject matter. Through this, he has also shown the maturity and courage to admit that at times he does not fully understand the material and at times he will come in outside of class to make sure he is all caught up.  Additionally, Marc has further challenged himself and his musical abilities by joining the jazz program on guitar. Outside of his musical endeavors, Marc is friendly, social, and respectful and even though I have only known Marc for a couple months, he has already made a big impression on the music classes here at Geneva Community High School.


Vanessa Eppley, Grade 11
Nominated by Sara Salvato and Natalie Boone

Vanessa Eppley is our student of the month because of her improvements over the course of the semester in trying to understand difficult literature. She has shown more involvement in class discussions and working to understand the difficult language of British literature. During our Beowulf unit, she was able to incorporate her artistic skills and created a beautiful monster and hero that we were able to display in the classroom. We saw her class grade improve a whole letter grade within weeks, which is an accomplishment in itself. The improvements in her work show her willingness to work hard and try.


Rehan Saini, Grade 11
Nominated by Jessica Egan

I have chosen Rehan Saini as my student of the month. I feel very lucky to have Rehan in my first period Spanish 3 class. Having a world language class first thing in the morning can be challenging; this I understand! Rehan clearly has a thirst for knowledge, and asks for clarification when many other students are half-asleep or simply content to just move on without mastering a concept. He is polite, modest and always on task. I appreciate his curiosity, his maturity and the class as a whole has benefited from his contributions.


Patricia Blazik, Grade 11
Nominated by Amanda Oxler

I have nominated Patt Blazik for Student of the Month because of the funny, caring and brave person that Patt has allowed me to get to know over the past few weeks. Starting out the year, Patt was pretty quiet in my classroom. She did her work and asked questions when necessary, but other than that just did what she needed to do. A few weeks ago, Patt, the quiet girl who rarely talked to me, approached me about a situation in the classroom that I was unaware of. She showed tremendous courage in standing up for what she believed was the right thing to do. We have a sign in our school that says “Be Great!” and one that says “Be Nice!” Patt has taken these directives to heart and has shown me that she encompasses both of these qualities. It is an honor to work with a girl like Patt and I hope that more of our students aspire to be more like her.


Daniel Simon, Grade 11
Nominated by Diane Rogowski

I would like to nominate Dan Simon as Student of the Month. Dan is a student in my study hall, and I have been impressed with Dan's warm personality, generosity of spirit and positive attitude all semester. Dan has reached out to help other students with their school work to offer encouragement and kindness. His contributions to the class are always thoughtful and positive. His work ethic and acceptance of personal responsibility makes him a wonderful role model for all (adults as well as students). It is a pleasure to have Dan as a student.



Alyssa Alvin, Grade 12
Nominated by Mary Jane Johnson

I am genuinely delighted to nominate Alyssa Alvin as Student of the Month.  Alyssa has been an inspiration to all who know her. Two years ago, I was uncertain Alyssa would have the opportunity to attend college or pursue her dreams. Diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in May of her freshman year, Alyssa’s future was unknown. Despite exhaustive medical treatments, extensive hospitalizations and the emotional turmoil accompanying such serious illness, Alyssa has persevered. She has exhibited extraordinary determination and an admirable work ethic. Impressively, she has managed to maintain a rigorous academic schedule as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities. Fortunately, with dedicated doctors, devoted and loving family members, understanding teachers and her incredible will to survive, Alyssa is looking forward to becoming a 2013-2014 college freshman.



Mackenzie Williams, Grade 12
Nominated by Matt Hahn

Mackenzie is a rare student. She is politically engaged, civic minded, passionate about her views yet open minded to respect the opposite view point.   Mackenzie is consistently looking beyond the basic information to become an engaged citizen and not just reciting talking points. Further, she has done a real good job in balancing her academic requirements with her athletic responsibilities. She has a tremendous sense of humor and an infectious smile.  Mackenzie truly understands what it means to be American. 



SOURCE: Geneva School District 304 


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