GMS North Final Band Concert of 2011

For eighth-graders, this is the last band concert of middle school.

For my daughter Tricia, Thursday's band concert at was the last of her middle-school years.

It's a little milestone, not something for a Hallmark card (see Jeff Ward's column), but there's always a little tug for parents.

I'm feeling that tug especially hard, because I missed the last three of the four songs. (And I'm pretty sure I heard every other band concert song she performed at GMS North.)

See, Tricia's older sister Kathryn goes to . That's the group of kids who get together every week at the Regional School Superintendent's Office to just hang out and celebrate life in a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Anyway, the Snowball meeting was from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at the high school this week—a time and venue change I seemed to have not quite understood. Which meant someone had to pick up Kathryn at 8, which is why I missed Tricia's last three songs. Hence the guilt.

At any rate, before I left, I took just a few photos of the various bands (sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade bands performed) and a brief and unprofessional video, which I'll share here so that other parents or relatives who missed the concert might be able hear Mr. Flaks' farewell or get a glimpse of a band member they know and love.


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