Expect Traffic Friday for Geneva Middle Schools' Patriots Day

It's going to be snowy and busy at the Geneva middle schools Friday, so be careful, parents.

As if Friday weren't busy enough, what with Friday the 13th and , we've also got one of the best events of the school year—Patriots Day at both Geneva middle schools.

Geneva Middle School North and GMS South seventh-grade students will have their annual activities. That's when students and teachers dress in costume and reenact Revolutionary War and have a variety of activities on the traditional half day.

Officials at GMS North are reminding parents that there will be plenty of traffic that goes along with the activities.

"If you normally drive your student to school, you may want to give yourself five additional minutes Friday morning," a District 304 e-mail says. "If Friday is the first time you are driving your student to school, please remember to stay out of the bus circle when dropping off your student. Please drop them off by the parking lot near the gyms. The entrances to the gyms will be open and this will make it easier for them as they try to carry their items.

"At the end of the day there will also be a large amount of traffic on campus due to Patriots' Day at both schools along with the normal half-day traffic.

"If you are picking up your student from Patriots' Day, you may want to designate a location in the parking lots where they can meet you. This is especially true if you expect that your student will need help getting items into your car."

So just be careful.

"We will often try to have staff help direct traffic to assist with the exiting from the campus," the e-mail says. "Our staff are not traffic professionals, but we are trying to help. Please be accommodating of the buses as they try to enter and exit the bus circle on these days."


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