District to Broadcast GHS Games, Concerts Online

New public-private broadcasting option could bring Geneva High School games and concerts into your living room.

A new public/private broadcasting program at Geneva High School will air high school sports and concerts online while giving students more in-depth experience in TV coverage of public events—all at no cost to taxpayers.

The Board of Education Monday approved a two-year contract with Rising Up Sports, an Internet start-up company, to operate a pilot program that will let students broadcast and tape school events for airing on Rising Up Sports’ website. Rising Up Sports will provide whatever needed equipment the district doesn’t already have and will train students and staff to perform the taping.

In return, the company will be able to sell advertising space on the district’s broadcasts and will have the option to sell hard copies of event tapes, explained high school Principal Tom Rogers. District officials will be able to review the advertisements before they’re added to the event footage, Rogers added.

“There have been some opportunities over the years for our TV production studio to broadcast some events on Comcast Channel 10, but they have been sporadic and not consistent,” said Rogers. “We often get questions from people who can’t come to Burgess Field or to the gymnasium who still want to see the games and be involved in the school. Unfortunately, often the answer (whether the games will be broadcast) is no. In this program, once games are recorded, they will be tied to our website so that grandparents across the country will be able to pull them up and view them online.”

The program will broadcast sports only at first, then branch out to concerts, Rogers said. It could eventually include events at the middle schools and elementary schools, though copyright issues could prevent the district from airing musical and play productions.

“This seems like a win-win situation,” commented board member Mary Stith. “There’s no cost, we have censorship rights and it will benefit the community.”

Bob McQuillan January 24, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Is there the ability to broadcast Geneva Board of Education meetings too? Currently, if you do not have Comcast, the only option is to watch on the City of Geneva's Channel 10 but the meetings are not live and are only viewable at 4:00PM everyday untill they are removed from the site. Can this new partnership allow the meetings to be placed on the School District's website. Many other district's already provide this for their community members.
Pam DiDonato January 25, 2012 at 12:32 AM
My son is in the Geneva HS Band, and I would love this!! Thank you!
Chad Baker January 25, 2012 at 02:49 PM
This is great news. To add to Bob's point about channel 10, not only do you either need Comcast to watch it live, the channel 10 feed on the city's website forces you to use Microsoft Windows to get it to work properly. Hopefully Rising Up Sports will choose video containers and codecs that are not Microsoft Windows specific.


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