As School Year Nears End, Celebrate These GHS May Students of the Month

A bunch of wonderful young people make up the list of Geneva students of the month in May.

April Comperda, Grade 11
Nominated by Cathy Pool

April Comperda’s compassion and kindness toward others goes far deeper than simple expressions. An active member of our local Snowball chapter, April decided this year to plan and implement a demonstration of Geneva High School’s climate of caring with the implementation of a “yellow ribbon” campaign.

This amazing young woman spent countless hours assembling more than 2,000 yellow ribbons and implemented a plan of distribution through a schoolwide homeroom in May. She also adorned the school with Yellow Ribbon flyers encouraging students and staff alike to display their ribbons

April is a quiet force at GHS whose work often snowballs into impacting countless students and staff. In her role as monitor, I have watched April quietly reassure new Vikings during a tour of their new school, help her peers with a homework assignment or lend asympathetic ear to anyone in need. She truly embodies the “Here 4 U” philosophy in her words, actions and deeds.


Kelly McCaffrey, Grade 12
Nominated by Paul Cheek

Kelly puts forth a tremendous amount of effort on every assignment and is always willing to share her ideas and to contribute to the discussion. She not only works for herself, but for others. She has always set up the study groups and kept everyone in line. She is really sweet and helps get us back on task.

Kelly is not only a tremendous student. but she is an outstanding varsity athlete. She is a captain and leader on the softball team. Kelly is the type of person who never fails to brighten other people’s day. Her hard work and contagious good attitude make her a great candidate for Student of the Month.


Camila Mercado, Grade 9
Nominated by Linda Szkola

Camila Mercado is my student of the month because she possesses many exceptional qualities. As a freshman, she has made an effortless transit from middle school to high school.

Camila is an excellent student who embraces her education and sets high academic standards. She is a very diligent worker and is always prepared to learn new concepts. Throughout the year, Camila has gained the self-confidence to become an independent learner. In addition, she is a responsible, kind and polite young lady to her teachers as well as her peers.

Each day she comes to class with a smile on her face and a willingness to learn. Camila Mercado is a remarkable student and a delight to have in class.


Nora Burkhardt, Grade 11
Nominated by Phil Ralston

I did not choose Nora for student of the month because she has the best grade in myEnglish III class, rather it has a lot more to do with the positive attitude that she has forclass every day. She is a person who makes it enjoyable to teach class because sheshares a genuine interest in learning for learning sake, will participate in classroomdiscussion, help her fellow students in class and comes to class with a smile on herface every day. It is her demeanor that has determined her successes and futuresuccess. She has been a joy to have in class.

Michael Osborne, Grade 10
Nominated by Andrea Pfeiffer

Michael is in my Foods I class and was a transfer student from another school. Transferring high schools is not a very easy task for anyone, especially midway into the second term. Michael's charismatic personality, great sense of humor and laid back attitude has allowed him to be very successful in my Foods I class. He has developed several new friendships and seems genuinely happy to be here.

I admire and respect Michael for his determination and willingness to adapt to Geneva High School. His ability to accept new procedures and school policies has been a challenge, but he goes forth and accepts what is laid out in front of him with a mature attitude.

His commitment to attend his 10th-hour Foods I class every day with aneagerness to learn has been very rewarding. Michael is a role model for transfer students throughout the school, and should be commended. It has been my pleasure to welcome you to Geneva High School and wish you continued success in your future classes.

Thank you and congratulations, Michael.


Delaney Wood, Grade 10
Nominated by Jason Lesatz

Delaney Wood is my student of the month because of the contagious positive attitude that she brings to class every day. She enters with a big smile on her face and is always eager to get started.

If there are ever problems or questions with assignments, Delaney will never get discouraged, but rather ask in the most polite way how to solve the problem and will then be very grateful for the help she receives.

Every day, she leaves the class with a great big smile on her face and says goodbye. Delaney has stood out as one of the great students in the school because of her eagerness to learn, her gratefulness to help and her friendliness to everyone.

For these reasons, I nominate Delaney as my student of the month.

Joe Fatten, Grade 9
Nominated by Tom Chernich

Joe is my hardest-working student and is an inspiration. Joe really enjoys Physical Education and no matter what activity we are doing Joe gives 100. I look forward to my conversations every first period with Joe because we are both avid sports fans. We talk about the Bulls, Blackhawks and Bears. We also banter about who is the better baseball team, the Cubs or White Sox.

Out of all of my students of the month, I can honestly say there has been no one more deserving than Joe Fatten. No student is perfect, but if Joe were to become a Cubs fan, then I could say he is the perfect Physical Education student.

Rachel Hammond, Grade 12
Nominated by Eric Hatczel

According to the Webster Dictionary, in its widest use, "student" is used for any school or class attendee. At this time of the year, it becomes increasingly difficult for seniors to hold true to this definition. There are the distractions of senior ditch days, graduation, approaching college and of course summer that causes many seniors to either miss school or fall into the trap of senioritis.

Rachel Hammond is an exception, which is why she is student of the month. In Marketing II, Rachel has only missed two days of class the entire semester. Throughout our projects, she has taken a leadership role in her groups and produced very professional work. Her most noticeable contribution was with our Apprentice Project, where through marketing efforts the class was able to donate money to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Any school, business or community could benefit from having someone like Rachel around.


Wes Ruby, Grade 9
Nominated by Shawn Maxwell

Being a freshman in high school can be intimidating, but not for Wes. From the start of our marching season, Wes found his groove and immediately had a profound impact on the spirit and character of the entire band.

Whether Mr. Ruby was sharing his talents on trombone or talking in a funny voice, he quickly began drawing others to him. Every day, Wes would give a big "Hello, Mr. Maxwell" with a smile on his face, even if he was a little sleepy during zero hour or first hour.

Over the course of the year, through Symphonic Band and Jazz Band, Wes has improved greatly in his abilities and would always make wise choices when it came to practicing.

It is because of his decisions,drive and attitude that Wes has been selected as the student of the month for the music department.


Kyle Kallhauge, Grade 10
Nominated by Jen O’Leary

Kyle Kallhauge is my student of the month for the Industrial Technology department for many reasons. Kyle walks into class with a smile on his face every day, since he just wants to come in and get to work, but he can be a bit wary of what I may have up my sleeve for the day. You see, Kyle has learned that what might be expected is what not to expect in the CAD Lab, but he welcomes every challenge with a readiness to jump into something new. He has a tendency to roll with the punches and is quite willing to think outside the box.

Kyle’s leadership skills are also quite exemplary as he took the lead position in his group for a competition sponsored by Toyota to redesign the Scion and dealt with the challenges that came about including group members that were not taking care of their duties. He has also taken opportunities to compete at the state level with the Illinois Drafting Educators Association and SKILLS USA.

I am quite proud to say that Kyle took ninth in the state at the SKILLS USA Competition for Technical Drafting. I have had Kyle in class every day since he started high school and was quite upset at the thought that I might not have him in class next year, but then he assured me that he was taking both Architecture courses next year!

Kyle has a maturity level that puts him above the rest in this type of class, and it is seen in how he handled the projects presented to him. Seeing how he deals with his peers impresses me beyond belief, and I just had to nominate him for Student of the Month!


Nick Bielski, Grade 12
Nominated by Sue Khalaieff

There are many reasons that Nick is this month’s Social Studies Student of the Month: his profound interest in history, his participation in Model United Nations, and his exceptional grades in the Social Studies. But it is so much more with Nick.

I am willing to challenge ANYONE to describe an instance to me where this young man was anything less than positive, enthusiastic and generous. In my years of teaching (which have been quite numerous), I can’t think of too many students that demonstrate these qualities in such an exemplary way.

I have known Nick for four years, and even as a freshman, I saw his potential. Since that time, I have worked with him in many capacities, and seriously, he has never let me down. This year, Nick is president of both National Honor Society and Model United Nations—two organizations that I sponsor, so I have seen him under pressure and marvel at this young man’s ability to maintain such a warmth to his game face.

Nick provides leadership in its finest form—the leader who both works alongside the team AND provides the inspiration to get the job done. And he does this with kindness, grace and joy. And so, as the Social Studies Student of the Month, I congratulate you.

And as the fine young man that I’ve gotten to know and have developed a genuine respect for, I will miss you. Best of luck to you in all your adventures in life!!


Amy Radlinski, Grade 10
Nominated by Rene Swidenbank

It is a great pleasure to nominate Amy Radlinski as student of the month in German.

Amy is presently a sophomore in my German II Honors class, which has been the highlight of my day this year. I have had the honor and pleasure of having Amy as a student for the past two years. From the very first day of German I, she has exhibited all the positive attributes you would want in a student; diligence, consistency, curiosity, humor and kindness.

Amy’s positivity,warmth and enthusiasm has helped to transform this class of individual students from unique backgrounds, grade levels and perspectives into a strong, supportive learning community that I am so very proud to be a part of.

This recognition of Amy’s contributions to German classover the past two years is a bittersweet as she will be leaving us to move with her family to China, where she will complete her high school education. While this move will deprive us of the joy of her presence and positive impact she would undoubtedly have had on our German III classroom next year, I am deeply confident that she will thrive in her new surroundings and make the very most of this amazing opportunity.

Mary Stith May 31, 2011 at 12:01 AM
Thanks to the Patch for highlighting great kids!!


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