2012 Resolution: Blog for Geneva Patch!

We need more voices from Geneva!

I am so very thankful for the outstanding blogs on Geneva Patch. We have some incredible contributors, from Andrea Cladis to Terry Flanagan to Chuck Carroll to Austin Herr to Laura Rush to Terry Emma to Dawn Vogelsberg, from Shawn Tooney to Zachary Ploppert to Mike Donahue to Tom Parisi to Dave Peterson to Pete Temple to Brian Tork ... those are just a few.

In a perfect Patch world, we'd have hundreds more bloggers on Geneva Patch. Just imagine how great this site would be with all members of the choir lifting their voices.

I extend an invitation to you all. Please blog on Geneva Patch.

Tops on my 2012 blog wish list?

  • Anyone running for office in 2012.
  • The .
  • The . ( writes one for St. Charles Patch that is just terrific—full of really excellent information.)
  • Every alderman on the City Council. (What a great way to communicate with your constuents and the rest of the community!) 
  • Several bloggers from Geneva schools—teachers, principals, administrators, School Board members. This is my No. 1 wish.
  • .
  • A blog—with timely information about what's happening in town and how to prevent crime.
  • A blogger (or several) from the . (A help-desk blog would be a hoot. A new-technology blog would be awesome. A Geneva "book club" blog would be super cool.)
  • A blog for each high school, middle school and team sport. (Look at all the wonderful stories about   because one parent was willing to share.)

There are three other major categories of bloggers that I covet dearly.

  • I would LOVE to have one blogger for every PTO in Geneva. There are so many things going on that are of interest to the general public—and I just can't type fast enough to get to it all.
  • I would LOVE it if we could get a CITIZEN JOURNALIST group of bloggers—a person from every neighborhood or homeowners association in Geneva—to cover the community geographically. I see a lot of stuff in my neighborhood and . But I miss a lot of stuff in other neighborhoods just because I'm not in every neighborhood every day.
  • I would LOVE it if every church or religious organziation, volunteer organization, social service agency and club would blog on Geneva Patch.

Imagine how valuable this community portal would be if everyone in the community participated. Imagine how the quality of conversation would be elevated. Imagine how effective we might be in sharing information, becoming better informed and better citizens.

So ...

Do you have an area of interest or expertise? Are you on the communication committee for your Parent-Teacher Organization and want another tremendous way to get the word out?

Would you be willing to be a citizen journalist and report the happenings of your homeowner's association or neighborhood group?

Are you a member of the Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions or other service organization?

How about Geneva churches? Geneva businesses? Geneva units of government? Geneva schools! Share the good news that's going on in your organization and workplace.

The more Geneva voices, the better. The more information we can provide the community, the better.

Contact me at rickn@patch.com, call 630-866-0792 or click on the "Want to blog on Patch?" button that's right under the blogs on the homepage.


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