Village of Oswego Hires New Economic Development Director

Vijay Gadde will begin work in early February.

The Village of Oswego officially appointed a new economic development director at the Tuesday night board meeting

Vijay Gadde, who previously worked as a planning manager for the Village of Lake Zurich, will begin work Feb. 8 in Oswego at a salary of $93,000.

“We were very impressed with Vijay Gadde,” said Village administrator Steve Jones. “He has both retail and industry experience and demonstrated a connect to real estate and brokerage networks.”

Jones also drew parallels between Oswego and Lake Zurich and said Gadde saw many pockets for industrial growth in Oswego.

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Village president Brian LeClercq said he was impressed by a PowerPoint presentation Gadde gave during his interview. Gadde laid out an economic plan for the village in the presentation. 

“He was interviewing for a position he may not get and he put forth a lot of substantial work,” said LeClercq.

The Village worked with the Oswego Chamber of Commerce during the hiring process.

“It was a collected spirited operation,” said LeClercq.

“Vijay was beyond our top pick,” said Chamber of Commerce president Steve Hatcher, who said he was pleased to participate in the interview process. “I think he’s done an excellent job and … represents the business community.”

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Trustee Gail Johnson said she was looking forward to Gadde pulling back in the business community.

Gadde replaces previous economic development director Tony Lucenko who left the village in October 2012. 

Dave B January 25, 2013 at 12:03 AM
@oswegoresident jamba juice isn't as healthy as one might think
JPauly January 25, 2013 at 04:18 AM
There's no market for small business in Oswego. Check your watch the next time one opens and then check your watch again when it closes. Sad but true.
mike ellison January 25, 2013 at 06:38 PM
One 'structural' problem with development in Oswego is that there are three large retail areas that are all separated from each other. There's the Rt. 34 shopping district, downtown, and Orchard Road- even though that never really fully developed. The Village seems to ping pong back and forth between these areas when trying to decide where to spend time and money for promotion. I've always found it interesting that the Village spent millions of dollars on downtown improvements yet the downtown businesses can't even keep the weeds out of the flower pots or sweep the cigarette butts of their sidewalks. The rehab work was done to a very low quality level. Many of the paver bricks are settling severly and the face brick used in some areas is falling off. So despite spending tons of money, the downtown business owners don't do anything to make the area look any better and the Village ended up with a crappy level of workmanship. The lack of 'development', at least in the downtown area, mostly has to do with the business owners themselves. The taxpayers gave them a huge boost with the rehab efforts and they still never seem satisfied.
mom of teens January 26, 2013 at 01:24 PM
If they don't start focusing on the Orchard Rd development, the remaining businesses will fail. How many breakfast/lunch diners have closed within 6mo of opening in the location currently occupied by Calla Lily? The village just held a ribbon cutting for Nick & Pats and now its closed. Vito & Nick's II, and the car wash also closed. With the recent sale if Jewel, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a location that will close. The village missed an opportunity to bring in a few anchor stores that would draw in enough traffic to support the smaller businesses! As a resident on the west side, I'm tired of looking at all the empty buildings!! Good luck to you Mr Gadde.
Amy Miller Jackson January 26, 2013 at 02:23 PM
The Village has nothing to do with the diners closing, people not going there to eat is the reason it closed. If those businesses are to survive they have to have a product that people want and will be repeat customers. If I am not mistaken the ribbon cutting was for the Chamber of Commerce which Nick and Pats were a member. Nick and Pats was sold not closed. Wags to Whiskers closed because of the landlords choice to ask for an extremely high rent. Those shopping centers and stores are someones dreams and business decisions. Some succeed some don't. The Village is not in the business of fulfilling dreams and decision making hand holding. If you are tired of looking at empty stores, then when another one opens make sure you and everyone you know shops there. Anchor stores help a little, but its up to the business owners to have an awesome product to draw people in.


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