UPDATE: Group Aims For Long-Term Solution to Methane Gas Issue Near Batavia

Here's the latest on the gas detected underground at Raddant Road and Fabyan Parkway.

Here is the latest update about the methane gas issue near Batavia's north side. This information is courtesy of the website.

While Waste Management continues work on a proper solution to the methane gas leak, officials have established gas is only present under the Industrial Park and not in the residential Highlands.

Based on testing to date, the methane appears to be present east of Nagel Boulevard. The single probe installed along Raddant Road south of Fabyan Parkway continues to show the presence of methane. 

The Raddant Road probe is in the industrial park where buildings are constructed on slabs that do not have basements or underground structures where methane may accumulate. Two industrial buildings in the Raddant-Fabyan area were tested Tuesday and no methane was found.

Waste Management has begun working on a longer-term plan to resolve the methane issue completely. The Company is expanding its monitoring and gas extraction systems by installing a series of deeper gas monitoring probes to detect methane in the deep geologic unit beneath the Midway Landfill.

Construction continues north of the former Kane County Sheriff’s facility on the installation of gas extraction wells, which will be used to vacuum up and capture any methane that has migrated beyond waste areas. 

The improvements will increase the site’s ability to collect the methane and convey it to the center of the facility to the landfill’s gas-to-energy facility, where it can be used as fuel to generate electricity.

Waste Management (WM) still coordinates with the cities of Batavia and Geneva and Kane County in an effort to detect and monitor methane levels in and around the Midway and Settler’s Hill landfills. The 22 locations in Batavia Highlands were tested again on Dec. 22, with no showing of methane. This is addition to the 220 tests that have been conducted in these locations during the last two weeks. 

Another probe was completed Thursday, on Orion Road south of the Batavia Rehabilitation Center on Fabyan Parkway west of Nagel Boulevard. No methane was found during drilling or afterwards. The three deep probes which were installed earlier in the week, in and around the Highlands residential area, as well as the probe at the east end of Douglas Road completed yesterday were all tested today with no signs of methane. 

Earlier in the week, two homes in the Highlands were tested with no methane detected. The indications remain that methane is not present in the Highlands community. However, as has been the continuing policy, if methane is detected, WM will expand its monitoring to additional homes in the Highlands.

Monitoring on all sites continues on a daily basis and Waste Management is in regular communication with Batavia, Geneva, Kane County and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency regarding the results of the tests. As an extra public safety measure, Waste Management will be installing additional monitoring probes south of Fabyan Parkway.  

If methane is detected, WM will expand its methane monitoring to homes, industrial buildings or other facilities, working closely with officials of the City of Batavia Fire and Public Works departments. Waste Management is providing daily briefings on the progress of its methane remediation program to Batavia, Geneva and Kane County. 

Waste Management  has established a telephone line for residents who may have questions. Bi-lingual personnel are available as well. The toll-free number is (855) 964-4663 and is in operation 24 hours a day. An attendant will take their information and a company representative will respond. The public may also obtain information on the City of Batavia and Kane County websites: cityofbatavia.net/midway and countyofkane.org.


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