State Sen. Karen McConnaughay Announces Run for Re-Election

McConnaughay, sworn in just nine months ago, is already gearing up for the next election cycle.

Karen McConnaughay is the Illinois state senator of the 33rd District.
Karen McConnaughay is the Illinois state senator of the 33rd District.
State Sen. Karen McConnaughay on Wednesday, Sept. 18, launched her bid for re-election to her 33rd District senate seat. 

The former chairman of the Kane County Board and first-term senator said she wants to continue her efforts to stem the worsening fiscal condition of our state as a member of the General Assembly.  

“With growing tax burdens, increased debt, and unbalanced budgets, the people of this State are not being served by the leadership who have a stranglehold on Springfield,” said McConnaughay. "However, we cannot give up the hope of returning this state to a home of prosperity and freedom for its people.” 

McConnaughay was first elected to the Illinois Legislature this past November, and sworn in to office just nine short months ago.

“When I am re-elected, I vow to return to Springfield to continue the fight to fix our state government; utilizing the skills I honed in my eight years as Kane County Board chairman — the skills that led to remarkable success in lowering spending and reducing the size of government, all while bolstering accountability, efficiency and transparency.” 

McConnaughay noted that her short tenure in Springfield has sometimes been frustrating.

“Illinois’ problems have been years in the making,” she noted. “And while we won’t solve things overnight, I am committed to seeing Illinois returned to its place as the leader in economic growth and common-sense Midwestern values.”  

“To achieve our goals,” she said, “I once again ask for your support. Together, I truly believe we can achieve great things for the state of Illinois!” 

McConnaughay, mother of three and grandmother of two, noted the importance of good government to Illinois families.

“Thinking about my own family, and those across our state, it hits home just how much work needs to be done. Our state is in more need of economic stability, education reform, transit enhancements and government transparency than ever before.” 

In her announcement, McConnaughay touched specifically on a number of areas that she sees are in need of attention by our legislators. 

“Those of us who have been elected to represent the people of Illinois must enact the requisite changes that will lead to long-term fiscal stability. Our success as a state is dependent on first tackling the state’s pension problems, an issue that existed long before I arrive in the Senate. Our pension system has left us financially crippled and we must push the state to fiscal responsibility and accountability, while ensuring that the burden is kept off of the backs of our citizens.”  

Addressing the complexity and urgency of the state’s financial crisis, the senator pointed out the affects this economic imbalance has on our state. A member of the Education Funding Task Force, McConnaughay cited education as an area in need of serious attention. 
“Our funding and budget issues have affected more than just our pension system and impact all areas of government. Our education system is failing to meet the needs of our children who will be expected to compete in a global economy. I do not take my responsibility as a member of the Education Funding Task Force lightly. We must continue to strive for equitable, quality education, for all of our children.”  

In other leadership roles, McConnaughay also serves as Republican spokesperson for the Transportation Committee. A position she earned by showing consistent leadership in our state on transit issues while Kane County chairman.  

“I am committed to improving our transit systems, through thoughtful, comprehensive, transportation investments. Through infrastructure enhancements and new transit programs, our state can remain the critical transportation hub of this nation," she said. "But this must be done through a transparent and collaborative regional approach that ensures prudent and fair investment across the transit system.” 

McConnaughay continued her call for increased accountability from our elected officials and governments. In her tenure as chairman, Kane County was the first ever to receive an A+ rating from the Illinois Policy Institute, for its transparency program. 

“We must ensure that all elected representatives are being held accountable. With greater transparency comes increased efficiency and accountability. We must demand a window be opened so that we all may see into our local village halls, county buildings, and state offices.” 

“When I announced two years ago that I would seek to represent this district, I stated that I believed our best days were ahead of us, and not behind us, and I still believe that today. And with the continued strong support of the people of the 33rd District we will achieve that bright future."


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