St. Charles’ Red Gate Bridge Project Advancing

City officials hope to open newest St. Charles bridge by Dec. 15. Progress is continuing on schedule.

A project that’s been talked about for more than 80 years is marching toward completion after ground was broken a year ago, and city officials said a week ago that they believe construction is on pace for a Dec. 15 opening of the Red Gate Bridge over the Fox River.

The project will connect Red Gate Road, which crosses Route 31 on the west side of the Fox River, with Route 25 on the east side, just south of Pinelands Road. The new two-lane bridge also will have a pedestrian walkway linking the Fox River Trail on the east side of the river with a bike trail from St. Charles North High School.

According to the city’s Red Gate Bridge website, McHugh Construction has started work on the steel pedestrian bridge that will be part of the structure.

An Aug. 24 status report on the bridge website notes that:

  • Work is complete on a retaining wall on the east side of Route 25.
  • Route 31 traffic has been shifted to the east side of the roadway.
  • Some paving has begun Red Gate between Route 31 and the Fox River.

This week, according to the website, McHugh will continue work on the structural steel for the pedestrian bridge, work on curb and gutter, and asphalt widening, on the east side of Route 25. More concrete paving west of the river also is expected this week.

Culvert replacement work that the Illinois Department of Transportation added to the project continues to shut down Route 25, the website reports, but the highway is expected to be reopened later this week.

As of mid-August, the piers for Red Gate Bridge had been completed, according to the website.

City officials have said the bridge will:

  • Improve public safety by providing the police and fire departments another access point to cross the river.
  • Ease transportation of children from home to school and shorten the drive for those on the north end of St. Charles seeking to cross the river.
  • Reduce congestion on the Main Street (Route 64) bridge through downtown St. Charles. The city projects that by 2030, it will have 15,000 cars crossing a day, officials say.

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eh_potthast August 28, 2012 at 12:20 PM
There are some homeowners right around that construction zone whose houses did not get bought out, man did they get scr*wed over. As I travel Rt. 25 daily, I sure hope the new "15,000 cars daily" doesn't jam up that part of the route. Although I am suspecting it will.
robert poznanski August 28, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Rt 25 was a great way to get from Rt 64 to Rt 59 without much traffic, and the fact that there was only one stop light, at Country Club Rd. to impede one's, "progress", made that route even more desirable! It was kind of obvious when the state started doing the improvements to the intersection of Dunham, Rt 25, and Sterns Rd, that more was going to be, on the way! All that will happen, is to take what was a rural style ,scenic stretch of highway, and turn it into a highly travelled, main road, that will be more prone to accidents, as the road has more twist and turns in it, as it follows the Fox river, and the access points of all the subdivisions, are fed into, the higher rate of traffic!
Henry James August 29, 2012 at 01:50 AM
Yep South Elgin is grinning from ear to ear as well because it means many of the east side residents will jump on the bridge and go shop South Elgin's shopping area along Randall just in time for Christmas. The other great thing is the St. Carles residents will be paying for this for many years to come while it is hurting our own businesses in St. Charles. Oh and the added perk it won't take one semi truck off of Main Street since the bridge isn't constructed for Semi trucks. The bridge may have been planned for many years, but one of the biggest issues it was suppose to fix was the trucks. Now we have built a bridge that won't take care of the biggest issue. I have to question if it is worth the money the tax payers will be paying for years to come.
Beth E. Fox August 29, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Agreed with previous 3 comments! Anyone know why this has been only "talked about" for 80 years? Because it was a bad idea and still is. Too bad it was our mayor's pet project. It's a LOT of money. It'll drive shoppers away from downtown Saint Charles. 15,000 cars/day takes away from the charm of the area. We should have thanks S. Elgin for building their bridge first and saved our money.


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