St. Charles Commission Finds 6 Businesses in Violation of Liquor Code

Five establishments received $500 fines.

Five liquor establishments in St. Charles were fined this week for violating city liquor laws, officials announced Thursday.

Six businesses in all were actually determined on Monday by the St. Charles Liquor Commission to be in violation of of the rules governing their liquor licenses. One of the establishments had requested a continuance because a representative was able to attend the meeting.

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“These establishments will be subject to increasing levels of fines, suspensions, and revocation if necessary, should they continue to have difficulty complying with the City’s liquor control codes and requirements,” said Mayor Don DeWitte, in a released statement.

The fines follow check conducted by the on Dec. 16. According to the city, the six businesses sold to an underage customer. 

  • Kane County Rookies, 1545 W. Main St.—$500 fine and assessed $500 in legal costs 
  • J&S World Liquor Inc., 311 N. Second St.—$500 fine and assessed $500 in legal costs 
  • Lundeen’s Liquor East, Inc., 610 E. Main St.—$500 fine and assessed $500 in legal costs 
  • St. Charles Bowl, 2520 W. Main St.—$500 fine and assessed $500 in legal costs 
  • Cost Plus World Market, 3555 E. Main St.—$500 fine and assessed $500 in legal costs 
  • Beehive Tavern and Grill, 204 W. Main St—requested a continuance to Feb. 20.
arnold Lawson February 09, 2012 at 09:59 PM
Give it a rest already. This is nothng but baiting. Send a minor in, the minor is able to make a purchase and the business gets fined. So what? any minor with half a brain can get liquor easily. Just have an older person make the purchase. These businesses are a big part of St. Charles' tax base so cut them some slack
Megan Bennett February 09, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Any minor with half a brain can get meth or cocaine easily too, doesn't make it right or LEGAL.
Ray Schneider February 10, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Arnold must not have any kids himself, and if he does, I will make a note to NOT let my kids hang around with them !!!! The Law is the LAW....If we teach our children that it's OK to break them, how will they respect any other laws ???? What does that say about the future ????
gina February 11, 2012 at 12:03 AM
The leading cause of death in adolescents is auto accidents. Why would it be a good idea to give these businesses a break?


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