St. Charles Affordable Housing Revisions Advance

The changes head to the St. Charles City Council Planning and Development Committee after Tuesday’s recommendation of approval from the Plan Commission.

City officials’ efforts to massage the affordable housing ordinance — also called the inclusionary housing ordinance — advanced another step Tuesday, winning the recommendation of the St. Charles Plan Commission.

The commission’s recommendation puts the proposed revisions to the ordinance one step closer to formal adoption by the St. Charles City Council, which first must review the changes as the City Council Planning and Development Committee.

The revisions were presented by St. Charles Planner Matthew O’Rourke on behalf of the city’s Community Development Department, and represent months of talks among the city’s Housing Commission, the City Council Planning and Development Committee. The talks were prompted in part by several different development proposals that some believe were stymied by a lack of flexibility regarding the city’s affordable requirements given the economic conditions today.

The city adopted the ordinance to ensure it would maintain control after the state issued a mandate requiring communities to ensure that at least 10 percent of the housing stock is classified as affordable. Communities that fail to meet the mandate face a potential state takeover of their planning and development efforts to ensure compliance with the law.

In St. Charles, a little more than 18 percent of the housing stock is considered affordable.

The affordable housing ordinance gives developers the option of ensuring that a percentage of the housing units they build are considered affordable. The St. Charles Housing Commission has wanted to allow developers some flexibility in meeting those obligations, so the city Community Development Department earlier this year offered some amendments to the affordable housing ordinance to set the process for allowing variances, or exceptions to the ordinance.

Essentially, the ordinance amendments that won the Plan Commission’s recommendation on Tuesday do not allow for deviations from the affordable housing ordinance for planned unit developments. The second revision sets up the processes and spells out some of the alternatives when those deviations are allowed.


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robert poznanski November 21, 2012 at 02:06 PM
You can put all the "affordable housing" stock you want into St Charles, but wait till the home owners, who would utilize this program, get their first property tax bill! That designation, should be revised to,"affordable, maybe!" It would be an interesting statistic to find, how many home owners, have been "chased out" of the area, by the continuing,yearly escalating, of the property taxes!I People, on fixed incomes,(retire e's) are particularly vulnerable ,to this problem!
Ted Schnell November 21, 2012 at 02:32 PM
I find it interesting that you mention that, Robert. You are expressing a concern that apparently has been around a long time. I mention tit not to make light of what you said but to point out that I've been hearing the same or very similar refrains for as long as I've been a journalist, which included 11 years out in Wyoming and Colorado, where property taxes are significantly lower than in the Chicago area. It makes me wonder how you quantify that, region to region, state to state, community to community -- because obviously, the concern has been longstanding and across a broad spectrum of people -- and across a broad spectrum of thresholds in terms of both income and property tax levels. Where is that line where property taxes are too high to be affordable for one's income?
STC May 09, 2013 at 04:58 PM
I'll tell you one, thing, "I know it when I see it" and Property taxes in and around St. Charles particularly, but also the whole state of Illinois are Too High.


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