Reminder: 2nd Round of Geneva Leaf Collections Starts Today on East Side

Leaf collection is today (Nov. 5) on the East Side, Nov. 7 for the northwest side and Nov. 12 for the southwest side of Geneva.

There's a lot going on, what with a presidential election and a possible Geneva teachers strike, but with all we've got to do, we've still got to rake those leaves.

Here's a gentle reminder that the second pickup for Zone A, east of the Fox River, is today, Nov. 5.

The second round for Zone B west of the river and north of Route 38/Kaneville is Wednesday, Nov. 7, and Zone C folks, on the West Side and South of Route 38/Keslinger get their second round shot Monday, Nov. 12.

Round three dates are Nov. 15, 19 and 26, respectively.

Here's the official schedule, courtesy of the city of Geneva:

  • Zone A:  EAST OF RIVER: first pickup was Oct. 24; second pickup Nov. 5; third and final pickup Nov. 15
  • Zone B:  WEST OF RIVER/NORTH OF 38/KANEVILLE/KESLINGER: first pickup was Oct. 26; second pickup Nov. 7, third and final pickup Nov. 19
  • Zone C:  WEST OF RIVER/SOUTH OF 38/KANEVILLE/KESLINGER: first pickup was Oct. 31; second pickup Nov. 12, third and final pickup Nov. 26.

Complete program details can be found at: http://www.geneva.il.us/Departments/PublicWorks/2012%20Yard%20Waste%20Program%20Notice.pdf


SOURCE: city of Geneva


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