Quirky Election Includes Township Flip, 1-Vote Victory, Carreiro Vindication, Moffat 1-for-2

Morning-After Pill: What actually happened last night?

It's time to play Wednesday-morning quarterback and take a look at the various election results—for the sake of reasoned political analysis and just for the fun of it.

Status Mostly Quo

In the higher-profile April 9 elections—mayor, School Board, 1st Ward alderman, Library Board and Park Board—voters for the most part sent metaphorical Facebook likes to the incumbents.

  • Burns topped McQuillan for mayor.
  • Both incumbents plus a former School Board member won three of four seats on the School District 304 Board of Education.
  • Library Board incumbents Esther Barclay-Steel and Steven Andersson were the 1-2 vote-earners, respectively. For the third open spot, however, voters chose Mark Adams—who opposes the library's move to the Cetron location—over three other candidates, including incumbent David Creighton.
  • For Park Board, incumbent Margaret "Peggy" Condon was the runaway favorite. The race for a second seat was between two challengers, and Jay Moffat edged Matt Gauntt. (But more on that later.)
  • Mike Bruno wasn't the incumbent 1st Ward candidate but he was the more seasoned and traditional choice against youthful firebrand Zac Ploppert.

Township Flip

This might be a rash over-simplification, but township government often is about who's in with the (good-old-boy) in-crowd. That wasn't the case in a couple instances in this election.

  • Challenger Mike Abts defeated incumbent highway commissioner Mark Wissing by a fairly substantial margin (500 votes is "substantial" in this race) after calling out some of Wissing's spending and accounting practices.
  • One Township Board incumbent, Robert Kovacs, was edged out of his chair by Scott Queen. (More on this further down the page.)
  • And totally non-incumbent township clerk write-in candidate Geoffrey Carreiro won the office in dramatic fashion with a 1-vote margin over fellow challenger Debbie Draus and former trustee John Carlson. (Which leads to ... )

Voters Didn't Like the Carreiro Petition Challenge

This probably should have been the lead and its own, standalone story. Carreiro was all set with his petition to be the only candidate on the ballot for township clerk—but hold on there, young man. The in-crowd apparently didn't like the idea, and Robert Kovacs successfully challenged Carreiro's petition—basically saying the good-old-board would rather hand-pick a replacement because they don't trust voters to do so.

That kind of backfired, however, when voters supported Carreiro's write-in and turned away from Kovacs at the polls.

1-Vote Victory? Really?

And yes, that really should have been the lead. A one-vote win in unique in and of itself, but the politics of this race were nuanced and interesting, as well. Carlson probably was the favorite of the old guard, but he was a distant (in this race, 50 votes is "distant") third. The second-place finisher was Debbie Draus, who is an employee of Geneva developer Joe Stanton but was not a township insider by old-school standards.

No word yet as to whether the one-vote win will be challenged.

Let's Play Two Today!

Jay Moffat wanted to run for four seats, narrowed it to two and won one. He didn't make the Library Board but will serve on the Park Board ... barring any further review. :)

Turnout—How Low Can You Go?

The highest vote count was in the race for mayor, where about 3,500 separate votes were cast. In the 1st Ward race, 370 total votes was enough to ensure a win.

Quick Question ...

How many people do you suppose voted for Richard "Shorty" Dickson for a Waubonsee Community College Board seat simply because his nickname is "Shorty"?

Status Was Not so Quo in St. Charles, Batavia

Some big changes are coming in Batavia city government. Three incumbents got knocked off by challengers. "Mayor for Life" Jeff Schielke was unopposed, but it might have been interesting to see what would have happened if he had been challenged. Maybe Batavians felt Schielke's return to office gave them a comfort zone and free ticket to elect newcomers?

In St. Charles, Ray Rogina was the easy winner among four candidates. He also was a City Council member and probably would have won the "Most Likely to Succeed Don DeWitte Award" from his high school graduating class. But several former aldermen beat incumbents in St. Charles, so it certainly wasn't a case in which present board members were shoo-ins.

From St. Charles Patch:

Bob McQuillan April 10, 2013 at 06:26 PM
PS guess my profile picture should be changed!
John R April 10, 2013 at 07:18 PM
Carreiro winning the write in contest for Township Clerk and Kovacs losing his Trustee positon was the best part of Tuesday. I'm very proud of Geneva voters for doing the right thing regarding this matter. I was outraged when he was booted off the ballot by Kovacs. But the good ole conservative's in this town spoke loud and clear that it was wrong and they righted that wrong. Congrats to Geoffrey and to Steve Queen. John Rice
Terry Flanagan April 10, 2013 at 08:21 PM
Congratulations to those who ran and those who voted. Whether you came out on the winning side of the vote or not your contributions help make us a better community. Nothing saps a town's energy faster than indifference and nothing promotes a healthy community better than the open and civil exchange of ideas.
Angela Kane April 10, 2013 at 08:33 PM
Perhaps a couple sad lessons have been learned from this election. First, we supposedly encourage young people to get involved in our community and be engaged in public service. Then news media savages them (Zac) for being "newcomers" and inexperienced. Huh? Second, the Burns dynasty continues. Really? Congrats to Kevin Burns, but will 4 terms be enough or will Geneva be allowed to move on? And not to run on, but shame on those people who didn't vote. They won't like their high taxes or high utility rates, but they won't get off their back ends to vote. So to those who didn't vote--pay your bills and remember that you failed to honor your responsibility as a citizen.
Angela Kane April 10, 2013 at 08:35 PM
Kudos to Bob for having the guts to run for mayor and focusing on the issues. Thanks you Bob McQ for being a good citizen and expressing the concerns that so many in our fair town have!
John R April 11, 2013 at 12:03 AM
The roughly 77% of registered voters who did not participate did send a message. That message is that they are happy with the status quo. They are comfortable with the level of city services and comfortable with the amount of their tax bill. It's hard to find things wrong with Geneva. It's a great community with a excellent school and park district. The library is solid and well liked. These are all community assets which have helped make Geneva a place of choice for families relocating. I hear it all the time ".....we moved here because of the schools"...." But 23% participation is disappointing. The timing of the local elections, is not good, if you want to run for a position. The window for gathering signatures is the month before Xmas. Then you campaign in the heart of winter. Spring comes and on election day it's raining. All things that discourage folks from either running or voting. Local politics is very important. That's why the PAC's are getting involved. Maybe we need a non partisan local community PAC which contributes a set sum to anyone that wishes to run for office. ????? Anyways, I echo Terry Flanagan's sentiments. I made a similar post on a different thread. Everyone that has and contributed, regardless of political preference, has helped make our community better. Respectful debate and discourse helps us as a community sharpen and focus our community vision. Out of characters, Rice
jj April 11, 2013 at 12:12 PM
As I recall, the turnout in the last local election was around 16%, so if there was 23% this time, at least we're moving in the right direction. Between 'The Patch' and sites like genevataxfacts.org, more people are becoming aware of what's happening in city government and on the school board. Still not enough, but we're getting there.
John R April 11, 2013 at 06:44 PM
jj, I would argue that the community has spoken. The 77% of the community who did not vote are satisfied. They are happy as clams. If they had been as outraged, as some would like, then this certainly was the election for them to express themselves through their vote. They had their opportunity to vote for the number one TaxFact guy. Of the 15,375 registered voters in Geneva 1,401 voted for Mr. McQuillan. Only 9.1% felt compelled enough to put on a jacket and take ten minutes to vote. TaxFacts has done a great job of saturating Genevans with their message. They have held two taxfacts forums in the past year, one taxfacts/patch campaign forum, blog on The Patch, have attendee's at virtually every school board meeting and also have at least one core member speak up at each meeting. Anyone in this community, who remotely pays attention, are aware of TaxFacts. In the past some on these threads have argued that TaxFacts is a very vocal minority. I've always questioned that idea but now I think the numbers support it. The community has heard TaxFacts loud and clear and we have rejected them. If TaxFacts continues the same practices they will only further marginalize their organization. Bob needs to reinvent a message and purpose for his organization. It could serve some real good but right now I think it's a damaged brand. John Rice
jj April 11, 2013 at 07:35 PM
" The community has heard TaxFacts loud and clear and we have rejected them. " I disagree, John. The message is getting out. And not the "taxfacts" message per se - I have never been to a meeting and don't consider myself a member. But I am grateful for the research they have done to uncover the crippling debt issues we are facing. Kudos to the victors on Tuesday, hopefully they will all be aware that we are starting to pay attention.
John R April 11, 2013 at 07:54 PM
jj, The message that TaxFacts promotes has been out for quite a while. Bob ran an excellent campaign and drew awareness to himself and TaxFacts. It was a well funded campaign. Lot's of signs, volunteers knocking on doors, a Taxfact/Patch forum, etc..... Everyone has gotten the message and 1,401 registered voters support it. 9.1 % less than 10% of registered voters support it. This was TaxFacts finest moment. I hate to have to say that but I think it's true. Don't get me wrong I think the TaxFact gang has a message and story to tell. They have told it over and over and over again and guess what????? 9.1% get behind it. Maybe because some have been a little overzealous in delivering the message it has ended up being tainted. This is a very conservative community and they have clearly rejected the tea flavored rhetoric which has been just under the surface of TaxFacts. Good for Bob and TaxFacts to try to get it out there but the voters have spoken. Rice
Terry Flanagan April 11, 2013 at 08:28 PM
Setting the election results aside for a moment, let's just discuss the value of the TaxFacts message. I've have heard the group maligned as evil and I have heard it praised. There has been criticism of the group for how it delivers its message, but I haven't heard much said about the content of the message, which has been pretty much factual from what I've seen. Local government is taking on more and more debt and property taxes will rise to pay off that debt. Forbes Magazine did an interview with Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas who began placing financial information, including debt burden, for local government bodies within Cook County on line. It's not a pretty picture. You can rad the interview here http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrybell/2012/12/18/cook-county-illinois-treasurer-warns-u-s-homeowners-and-retirees-of-local-debt-hazards/. A bill working its way through the Illinois legislature (HB3312) is going to require units of government with budgets of $1M or more to place a great deal of financial information on line, and much of it must be in exportable format. Not only will realtors have information about property values and current taxes, they will have financial projections for your community over the lifetime of a mortgage. Your ability to sell your home may depend a lot on the financial health of your community. We need to be aware of the long term financial impact of our decisions and TaxFacts has helped spread that message.
jj April 11, 2013 at 08:39 PM
Bingo, Terry. The message is much bigger than taxfacts. We can ignore it if we want, but we will all feel it, and it's gonna hurt.
jj April 11, 2013 at 10:00 PM
John, you have an interesting way of 'massaging' the numbers on the election. How about if we look at it this way: 2114 votes were cast for Burns, 1401 were cast for McQuillan. If 357 of Burns voters had voted for McQuillan - we have a different outcome. In other words, 2.3% of the registered voters decided this one. If you want to believe the message of fiscal responsibility isn't starting to resonate with the voters, you'd better think again
Bob McQuillan April 11, 2013 at 10:36 PM
I love that John Rice has ignored that only 23% of registered voters voted. He states that only 9.1% of registered voters support taxFACTS. No John, 40% of those who voted agree with taxFACTS. You can't assume that 77% of the registered voters who didn't vote all reject the message. You know that! I ran a good, clean campaign. I didn't call anyone an effing moron or effing evil as my opponent reportedly called me. Nor did I have the executive director & communications manager of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce send separate e-mails 4 days before election day to all it's members "on my behalf." Yep, that really happened in conservative Geneva. Funny, no one returned my calls about why it happened. My campaign was financed by local citizens, $3,000 of our personal funds and 1 donation from an outside group. You can look at my report on the board of elections site. I have absolutely nothing to hide. My opponent still has not filed financial info with the board of elections. Look at who financed his previous campaigns. You'll need to wait till July 15th to see his report because he didn't form his committee until April 2nd. Two days after the reporting period where a report needs to be filed by April 15th. How much do you think those huge road signs costs vs. the small yard signs. Who do you think paid for them? How many are going to look at his spending on July 15th? John, you are welcome to your opinion but when you at best stretch the truth, I'm going to defend myself.
G.Ryan April 12, 2013 at 12:02 AM
John in DuPage County voter turnout was 19% countywide but 4 DuPage school districts were DEFEATED when TAXPAYERS stated NO! to a property tax increase. Hail to the taxpayers of DuPage because they get it! District 53 (Oakbrook) wanted to borrow 15 MILLION to build a 40 MILLION K-8 school and 72% of taxpayers rejected it. 76% of Oakbrook voters REFUSED to give the village permission to sell Sports Coreland to District 53 for the school. In District 108, 55% of voters said NO to a proposed indoor pool. District 200 saught voter approval to borrow 17.6 MILLION to build a new Jefferson Childhood Center and 59% of voters rejected their referendum. District 10(Itasca) was seeking 1 MILLION annually in extra taxes to help fill a budget gap created by State and Federal funding decreases but TaxPayers United of America campaigned against the ballot question citing they were seeking higher property taxes when many in the community have taken salary cuts. But due to TaxPayers United of America's intervention, 60% of voters rejected their referendum..Kudos to the voters and TaxPayers United of America for educating and advocating for the TaxPayers. TaxFacts and TaxPayers United are here to stay. And it is time that we utilize election day not only for candidate selection but for voting on ANY tax increase or levy upon us taxpayers. As no elective official or group should be allowed constant access to the withdrawal of our money. This tyranny has to stop. (Source:Daily Herald)
John R April 12, 2013 at 12:05 AM
@ Terry let me be perfectly clear that I DO NOT think that the TaxFacts group is evil. Jeff Ward built a pretty good case of them being community bullies but let's set that aside for a spell as well. I think they mean well and are very passionate. Their message of fiscal responsibility is reasonable. Note that I myself do not want to see the Library Board take on debt to build new. I have also recently advocated that the Park District rethink it's mission and purpose. IE: Do we need to revisit the neighborhood park concept??? I will second jj's bingo....This state is a mess. So I ask you why are we not pressuring our local representatives. Mike Fortner is my rep and I hear absolutely nothing about the man. What is he doing? Blaming the democrats I suppose. If the state continues on it's current path we won't be able to cut, fast enough or deep enough locally, to make a difference. We will all be moving to Pleasant Prairie, WI and commuting to work. Locally, the voters spoke. Some might not like what we said but it is what it is. This community will continue to be fiscally responsible and we rejected TaxFacts. One TF guy won a race in this election. Jay Moffatt and he did it by not once mentioning his affiliation with TF and barely campaigning. That was a smart move on his part. And I think Jay might be really good on the Park Board. Rice
Angela Kane April 12, 2013 at 12:37 AM
John R: if you want to know what Rep. Fortner thinks or how he votes why don't you call him or read about him? http://news.ilhousegop.org/2012/10/get-to-know-mike-fortner/. Your comments about him are just plain ignorant. Let's be clear here: Bob McQ. ran a good clean campaign. He ran against the Burns' dynasty that is firmly entrenched in our fair town. He kept his temper when his opponent didn't, told the truth and had a firm grasp of the facts that are not easy to discover. Let's congratulate him for maintaining his dignity and respecting the voters. Mayor Burns will now be the longest serving mayor of Geneva. Let's agree that he's done some good things and some not so great things. He's human. Let's hope he has mellowed and will take a different approach than he has in the past with the city council.These are different times that demand a more conservative approach to finances for eg. Geneva will not thrive economically until Illinois does or until our entire country does. Unfortunately the voters forgot that "all politics is local" when too many of them ignored their responsibility as citizens--their responsibility to vote. That failure doesn't mean complacency or acceptance of the norm. Unfortunately too many Americans just love to gripe and give up their power when they ignore Election Day. They should, as I've said before, be ashamed of themselves. Citizenship means more than enjoying our rights--it means protecting them by participating in our democracy.
John R April 12, 2013 at 12:38 AM
Bob, You ran an excellent campaign and despite that you were only able to inspire 1401 registered voters to come out on Tuesday to support you. I give you credit for increasing voter turnout, a tad over the last local elections, but the voters spoke. 11,827 registered voters opted not to exercise their right to vote. They must be happy and I agree with you they shouldn't come whining if they have an issue with their property tax bill. If they had an issue I think they would have heard your message and come out and voted for you rain or shine. Don't lose it now. You ran a good campaign that you and the TaxFacts bunch can be proud of. Slinging mud at the mayor, after the fact, sounds like sour grapes. It serves no purpose. It was a long shot at best that you would win the election and you know that so keep your cool. I was really starting to like the new Bob and then the old Bob rears up. It's probably been difficult for you to control. Rice
John R April 12, 2013 at 12:56 AM
@ Angela....I didn't really say anything about Fornter other than I know nothing about what he's doing or has done. Your right I will call his office tomorrow and try to talk with him. Maybe he can suggest ways in which we could help. LET ME BE CLEAR......Bob ran an excellent campaign. I don't know why you guys aren't picking that up from me. I'll say it again BOB RAN AN EXCELLENT CAMPAIGN. He had ton's of signs out, kept pretty cool on The Patch, held his own in the forums (yes I went to both), had a nice rally at sunset rec center I believe, mobilized volunteers, etc.....But despite all of that the voters choose Kevin Burns. The people spoke it's not the outcome you wanted but it is what it is. And at the school board your group didn't have much more luck. I'll tell you something I voted for Grosso and Lamb. I'm very comfortable with the mix of the school board. I like Jay Moffatt on the Park District. I don't want the library to expand. You and me have a lot more in common than you realize. You guys have to get that chip off your shoulders. Rice
Bob McQuillan April 12, 2013 at 01:10 AM
Terry Thanks for your comments as usual you hit the nail on the head. The taxFACTS group has, to the best of our ability, presented factual information. We aren't the ones who can't remember where the 2007 inflated enrollment numbers came from. I have been criticized not for what I have said but how I said it. When seven board members refuse to listen to reality, their only excuse is they are being bullied and attacked personally. They want to deflect the problem to the messenger. Please, we are all adults this isn't middle school. I didn't bully or attack anyone. I also have not posted lies on social media like at least one board member has. I spoke the truth to a board that is elected to speak for the taxpayers. If each took my words personally, then they don't understand the role of a board. Yes, they are unpaid volunteers but I have also been a volunteer. Ignoring the message because you don't like the tone is doing a disservice to all. As to attacking anyone, some need to look in the mirror and be honest about what they said about me and the taxFACTS group behind closed doors or among their friends. The rumors and the unwarranted fear spread through the community. Someone actually posted that I was going to turn Geneva into Pottersville. Please, think before you write something so stupid. I spoke up for what I believe is right and have been slammed from people who don't use their own name. Explain the sense in that.
Angela Kane April 12, 2013 at 01:19 AM
Chip? Geez, seems like you might be the one with the chip. And "my group" ??? Well if that means that I am part of the cabal--the grand conspiracy (looking for those black helicopters now) that a citizens' watch group that keeps an eye on school / city expenditures????? Wow, how terrifying that is! Becoming a mayor, school board member, commissioner or whatever does not give anyone some kind of divine power. They are supposed to be guardians of the public trust--elected or appointed to do the job the taxpayers hire them to do. Sometimes they perform that role admirably. Sometimes they don't and abuse the privilege of public service they are entrusted with. That's why citizens' watch groups are so crucial. I am not a politically correct kinda person--I am direct and honest and will tell you that the constant pompous criticism of the watchdog groups is tiring. Power that is entrenched often refuses to acknowledge their "I know better than you" attitude and needs to be challenged. Often that challenge needs to be LOUD to get their attention. Sometimes adults need to hear a loud voice to wake them from the fog they are in. So stop being so offended by raised voices. Sometimes people need to yell. Get over it.
Thomas April 12, 2013 at 01:37 AM
John, Thank you for being a voice of reason on these threads. We will never truly know the thoughts of those who did not vote but I would bet that a extremely large % of those in Geneva who truly wanted Bob to be mayor "voted" for Bob to be mayor. I find it highly unlikely followers of Bob decided to sit this election out. Imagine the turnout if Bob ran "pre-patch". The other question that would be interesting to know the answer to is just how many of those who voted "for" Burns were really voting "against" Bob. I know if someone like John Grosso or Mike Bruno or even Tim Vetang (now I am showing my age) had run for Mayor they would have gotten my vote instead of Kevin. Keep fighting the good fight.
John R April 12, 2013 at 01:53 AM
Angela, If this is how you want to deliver your message then you will never be effective. You can scream all you want at school board meetings but pretty soon everyone is going to tune you out. Chances are good that that has already happened. Then you just look like some crazy lady that goes to every single board meeting and screams. You lose credibility. If you want to be taken seriously get people elected. But that's not working out to well because you've lost credibility. Then you scream some more and it just keeps getting worse. Your losing your street creed. Which is honestly a shame because as I've said numerous times your core message is sound. We do need to watch our books and get the debt under control. But I'm having a hard time hearing you because your too loud. Try to talk to people not at them. Listen rather than hear. Talk less and listen. Show respect. Empathize. Build relationships. Tone it down. If your tired of the "....constant pompous criticism of the watchdog groups...." then change. I told Bob about a year and a half ago that I wasn't going anywhere. I have a great deal of respect for the officials we've elected. I want to work with them and I would hope that you could figure out a way to do the same. You've talked before about your street creed. People with street creed keep their cool. So chill, John Rice
Bob McQuillan April 12, 2013 at 02:06 AM
I have accepted the fact that Kevin Burns will be the Mayor of Geneva for the next 4 years. I personally congratulated him Tuesday night on winning. I have always told the truth and the truth is that Kevin Burns called me an effing moron and effing evil. He hasn't apologized, nor do I expect he will. And yes, more than one person heard him, including his daughter. The Geneva Chamber did send out two separate e-mails "on behalf" of Kevin Burns immediately before the election. No one responded to my question of why those e-mails were sent. That isn't sour grapes, that is the truth. Geneva residents should know the truth. Your negativity toward the taxFACTS group is well documented and that is fine, that is your right. When you, or anyone, doesn't tell the truth about the group, I have the right to set the record straight. If you think 11,827 registered voters, by not voting, are happy and support current elected officials, you are living on another planet. Just maybe they think their vote doesn't matter and nothing will change. I don't really care if you like the old Bob or the new Bob, all that matters is that I'm true to myself. I'm the same Bob that decided enough was enough and I was going to do something about it. I'm thrilled that 1401 Genevans heard and supported the message.
Angela Kane April 12, 2013 at 02:06 AM
John R--you poor baby! You might be offended by a loud voice? Wow, you must be part of the "touchy-feely" folks who don't want there to be valedictorians or awards for winners! Grow up buddy. If you don't get that sometimes people need to raise their voices then I really feel sorry for you. BTW, have been to limited Bd. of Ed. meetings and don't remember speaking so I certainly haven't raised my voice. So your zing at me is uninformed, moot, and dumb. Also, have you never seen the British Parliament? Watch it some time--they yell, they jeer, they speak their minds. It's invigorating! It isn't grade school. Sometimes democracy is messy. Stop being offended when someone speaks up.
John R April 12, 2013 at 02:10 AM
@ Thomas, thank you! I've enjoyed that you have also put yourself out there. I think a lot of people don't post because it can get a bit testy. Your right we don't know why so many don't vote in local elections. The turnout is really dismal. I think we need to somehow figure out a way to get more people running. Way to many positions running unopposed. PAC's are getting involved on a partisan basis. I would love to organize a local community PAC which would contribute a set amount to anyone that ran for a local position. I think that would possible help encourage participation. I agree that every single McQuillan supporter or TaxFact fan did vote on Tuesday. So they got 1401 votes of approval. It was actually a bit more than I expected. I was thinking that it may be less than 1,000. 1401 isn't bad but considering the strength of Bob's campaign it really isn't that good either. I don't know I really enjoy local politics. The local stuff really does matter and our involvement does count. Carriero won by one vote and kovacs lost his trustee position. That's really cool stuff. Bob running for Mayor and not the school board. Moffatt mixing it up and running for three boards, etc.....It doesn't get much better. Look me up sometime I'd love to get a cup of coffee with you. My best, John Rice
John R April 12, 2013 at 02:18 AM
Angela, Take one of the blue pills and get a good nights sleep. John
Angela Kane April 12, 2013 at 02:32 AM
John R: you are a condescending juvenile. Grow up and look around. Our country is sinking into oblivion because too many people refuse to speak up, to yell. We are swimming in debt and our rights are being eroded by bullies who need to control the dissenters. Nope, not going to sit back and allow bullies like you to tell me to chill, shut up or other such tripe. Again, democracy is messy, and we all need to be a part of it. So John--I'm still here. Deal with it. People like Bob and me and others like us will be alert, voting, running for office and participating in our messy democracy.
Terry Flanagan April 12, 2013 at 03:41 AM
I think that Thomas is right in that we cannot know why 77% of eligible voters did not vote. Logically, we can't assume that it was because they are satisfied because conversely we would have to assume that people only vote when they are dissatisfied. In that case incumbents would never be re-elected. The only thing we can be certain of is how the people felt that did vote. And there we have a 60-40 split in the mayor's race. Both candidates said that in canvassing door to door, voters were very concerned about taxes. Zac Ploppert got the same message from voters he spoke with in the First Ward and promised never to vote to raise taxes, while his opponent Mike Bruno would not make the same campaign pledge. However, Zac's promise was not enough to get him elected. Perhaps we can assume that with the city's tax share being approximately 8%, that taxes were not as important an issue in city races. Sorry, John, but I don't think we can assume that people who don't vote are satisfied. They are merely apathetic for whatever reason. If people were that satisfied wouldn't they feel the need to vote rather than risk losing the status quo at the voting booth?
John R April 12, 2013 at 02:21 PM
@ Angela, I wish you the best. You are very passionate regarding your fears and beliefs. It's unfortunate that you aren't able to channel that passion and energy in a more positive direction. I'm going to take your suggestion and call Mike Fortner's office. We really need to get our State Reps working for us. This state is a mess and if it goes under we are locally in big trouble. Anyways, it is not a productive use of my time to continue to go back and forth with you on this thread. @ Terry, yes it was a 60 - 40 split which as I've said isn't bad for Bob. I give him credit for getting out there but.....it was still only 39%. Not a mandate in my mind. The people have spoken time to let our elected officials get to work. Don't apologize regarding my belief that the 77% who didn't vote are satisfied. I realize it's a bit of a stretch. As far as I'm concerned the 77% have checked out and have forfeited the right to complain and gripe. Local elections matter and they could have swayed the results if they felt compelled or inspired enough to vote. They weren't inspired or compelled. The Bruno/Ploppert race was a breath of fresh air. I think they both ran good campaigns with very contrasting messages. Despite the efforts of Jeff Ward to pull them into the gutter they did not take the bait. It would have been good if more of the Alderman seats had been contested. That might have inspired more to vote. Rice


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