QuickStory: LeMaire Officially Fired; City Changing Internal Controls

Streets Superintendent Steve LeMaire, indicted for theft of more than $24,000 through city credit card purchases, is dismissed from his position.

The city of Geneva is reviewing its internal controls after the firing of Streets Superintendent Steve LeMaire for bilking the city of $24,000 by misusing his city-issued credit card.

After Monday's City Council meeting, City Administrator Mary McKittrick said the city is reevaluating and already implementing new policies for the review of credit-card payments.

"Each (credit card holder) has to provide invoices with receipts and descriptions to his or her immediate supervisor," McKittrick said. So, for example, department heads will turn in their paperwork for McKittrick to review. McKittrick will turn hers in to the mayor for review.

The City Council adjourned to closed session to discuss the LeMaire issue but did not take any action following their return to open session.

Early Monday (Feb. 6), the Geneva Police Department saying LeMaire had turned himself in and had been formally indicted by a grand jury on charges of theft, online theft by deception and official misconduct. McKittrick issued a press release on LeMaire's job status.

"LeMaire was dismissed from his position on Feb. 4, 2012 as superintendent of streets after serving 33 years with the city," the release said.

LeMaire has been on unpaid administrative leave since Jan. 12.

"The city will begin the recruitment and selection process to fill the position in the near future," the release said. "Until the position is filled, Director of Public Works Dan Dinges will oversee the Street Division operations with assistance from other management staff."

Bob McQuillan February 07, 2012 at 06:46 AM
Each (credit card holder) has to provide invoices with receipts and descriptions to his or her immediate supervisor," Publicly paid employees now have to actually attach invoices, receipts and even need to discribe what they are buying. What was the previous policy? I don't think I want to know! How many city employees have credit or p-cards? What is the credit limit of each card? Are there blocks for certain purchases like food and alcoholic beverages? Does the city have a "running tab" with any vendors? Is the attitude, "it's not my money, so lets just buy what we want not what we need"? Can we trust city employees to do the right thing? One bad apple does spoil the whole bunch especially when the city is searching for revenue enhancements. The only answer is to open the accounts payable checkbook for a complete audit, lets use local accountants that will volunteer their time in the interest of making Geneva more accountable. About four years ago it was determinded that the Geneva School District had more than 100 p-cards in circulation. Is anyone 100% sure that every purchase is necessary and not just something someone wants? www.GenevaTaxFACTS.org is more than willing to post any taxing body's checkbook free of charge. The school district already posts theirs on their site. Send the register to info@genevataxfacts.org and it will be posted within 24 hours. It's easy if there is nothing to hide and goes a long way in building taxpayer confidence.


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