Public Hearing Sept. 27 on Downtown Master Plan

Geneva's Downtown Master Plan has some pretty ambitious ideas for Geneva's future. If you want to weigh in, be at City Hall on Thursday, Sept. 27.

The draft of Geneva's Downtown Master Plan might look like Fantasyland, but it's going to become reality as a planning tool and amendment to the adopted City of Geneva Comprehensive Plan. 

So this is your chance to say yea or nay.

The Geneva Plan Commission will conduct a public hearing at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 27, in the Geneva City Hall Council Chambers, 109 James Street, Geneva, Illinois to review and consider the draft plan (title: City of Geneva Downtown/Station Area Master Plan), which is proposed as an amendment to the adopted City of Geneva Comprehensive Plan.

All persons desiring to be heard in support of or opposition to the draft plan will have the opportunity to submit statements verbally, in writing or both.        

On June 27, 2012, the Downtown Master Plan Committee conducted a public information meeting on the draft plan. Public comments were received before, during, and after the June 27 meeting. Thereafter, the DMPC reviewed the comments received and made modifications to the draft plan in response to those comments.

A revised version of the plan (September 2012 version) is now available for viewing/downloading on the project web site (please see the link provided below to access the draft plan). The draft plan is also available for public inspection in hard copy form during regular business hours at the Community Development Department office located in Geneva City Hall. 

The draft plan provides a combination of general and specific recommendations for downtown.  During the planning process information on existing conditions was inventoried, market potentials were analyzed, ideas from citizens and businesses were gathered, needs were identified, goals and objectives were formed, and alternative plans and development potentials were considered.

The resulting plan presents a long range vision for the future of downtown.  It is intended to serve as the official policy guide for future downtown land use and development decision-making.

The draft plan is comprised of six sections including 1) Planning Context, 2) Land Use and Development Framework, 3) Transportation Framework, 4) Civic and Public Areas Framework, 5) Beautification and Urban Design Framework, and 6) Implementation.


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