High-Tech, Mega-Driving Range and Game Place Coming to South Tyler Road?

But ... miniature golf and alcohol? Concerns about noise, traffic and whether the site is best utilized as a recreational facility have been raised by St. Charles officials in proposal for former Hines Lumber site.

A high-tech driving range proposed for South Tyler Road took a bit of a clubbing from one St. Charles aldermen Monday night.

HD Golf Ventures, run by two St. Charles men, are looking to build 460,000-square-foot outdoor facility that features food and alcohol service, a mini-golf course and games. The Planning & Development committee offered some notes on the request from HD Golf to change the zoning for property at 501 S. Tyler Road.

Despite benefits lauded by the owners, including the claim that the facility would be one of only a handful of similar operations in the country, some City Council members recommended conducting a traffic study be completed to ensure the local roads wouldn't be overwhelmed and at least one aldermen doubted that area was appropriate for what was proposed.

“I never envisioned a facility like this being built here,” said 1st Ward Alderman Dan Stellato, who told the developers that he drives by the property every day. “I’m really disappointed we’re even talking about this.”

While not rejecting the driving range idea outright, Stellato’s said he believed it isn't the best use for that property.

The site for the proposed range is the former Hines Lumberyard and is currently vacant. According to city records, the land is currently zoned for limited manufacturing and would require an approved zoning change.

Ken Delisi and Tony Hopkins came before the committee requesting the zoning change. They also plan to request a liquor license from the city, according to records.

The driving range would have interactive kiosks that allow golfers to play virtual games, creating gameplay that, they say, would appeal to golfers and non-golfers.

Hopkins said more than 50 people will be hired to operate the facility.

The plan had been reviewed by the city's Plan Commission on April 3. Among other items, the Plan Commission had recommended a noise study be completed.


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