Here's the List of 2012 Street Improvements in Geneva

Are you ready for summer construction season? The City of Geneva has invested more than $2 million on 2012 road improvement projects.

They say there are really only two seasons in Illinois—winter and road construction.

One of the pieces of information you'll want to have and keep track of this season is when and where road construction is happening here in Geneva. That's the roadwork that hits closest to home—sometimes on the street where you live.

The Geneva City Council approved a $2.26 million 2012 street improvement plan Monday night that includes major work on 24 Geneva streets. The streets are listed in the chart below and on the PDF attached to this story. You can find additional information here on the city's website. (The story continues after the graphic.)

No.   Street Name     From     To    1   Garfield   Route 38     Jefferson    2   Cambridge Dr.     Kaneville   Williamsburg    3   Cambridge Ct.   Cambridge Dr.    dead end  4   Dartmouth Ct.    Cambridge Dr.     dead end  5   Danbury Ct.    Cambridge Dr.    dead end  6  Center   Logan   Anderson  7   Logan   Peyton   Gray  8   Easton   Meadows   Batavia  9   Ray   Dunstan   Batavia  10    Fargo


  Batavia  11   Sunset   Ray   Meadows  12    Eklund   Anderson   Evernia Ct.  13    Evernia Ct.   Eklund   dead end  14    Richards   Eklund   Gray  15   Country Squire     Fargo   Western  16   Cheever   Western   Dunstan  17   Maple   State   Gray  18   Glengarry   East State   Hill  19    Lancaster   Westfield   Westfield  20   Elm   Fifth   High  21   Sixth   Elm   High  22    Sixth   Locust   High  23   High   Sixth   East Side Dr.  24   Locust   Sixth   East Side Dr.

First Ward Alderman Chuck Brown reminded residents who live on these streets that the reconstruction work sometimes does prevent access to driveways but "typically, the inconvenience is less than a day."

Brown said the city would be holding a public information meeting on May 22 for people who have question about the roadwork.

The roadwork bid went to Joint Venture of Hardin Paving Services and Builder's Asphalt, LLC. The expenditure on streets is slightly up from last year. Mayor Kevin Burns said the city's goal has been to do at least $2 million in road improvements a year, and 2012 is a slight uptick from 2011.

"The fact of the matter is that we've been trying to catch up," he said. "Some of the streets are in need of significant repair, others are in need of resurfacing, so we try to do the streets that are most needy."

He also said that maintaining the road infrastructure is one of the city's priorities.

"This is quintessential, core city services, pure and simple," Burns said. "If the streets and roads aren't well-maintained, not only does it—I think—detract from the overall quality of the community but it also puts great distress on homeowners, merchants, tourists, school children—anybody and everybody who uses our roadways. 

"When you come to Geneva, you want to be assured that things are operating well—and the streets are the first thing people see and experience."

Geneva also will be installing or replacing water mains along Easton, Glengarry, Center and Ray streets, City Engineer Pam Broviak said. Broviak gave residents a heads up to expect some access restrictions for this work, as well.

"While traffic disruptions along the other roads will be minimal, there could be significant disruptions to access along these four roads while the water main work is going on," she said.

The following information is provided on the city's website:

Project Schedule

 The tentative schedule is to start the physical work in May and be complete in September. The Streets will be completed in the order that the work started, and no single street will be worked on for the entire duration. The list of streets and the work schedule can change depending on the prices we receive when the bids are opened in April.

Before the project starts there will be a public information meeting that residents and business owners who will be directly impacted by the work will be invited to attend but any interested resident is welcome to attend. The date of the public information meeting will be posted here on this web site perhaps the last week in April. After the project is awarded there will be weekly progress updates posted on this web site. Written notices will be handed out at least 24 hours before the work starts on each street.

We will do our best to minimize the impact during the time the work is in progress however, there will be some noise and dust and we are asking residents to avoid the area if at all possible when the work starts and to kindly exercise some patience while the work is in progress.

Contact Information

 This project is managed by C. Elton Orozco, Civil Engineer. Questions regarding the project can be directed to him at (630) 232-1501 or corozco@geneva.il.us .

Project Links 

Street Improvement Plan

Jason May 09, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Anyone know when/if Route 38 (State Street) will be resurfaced? It's getting pretty bad and the band-aids are no longer working. I know that is the State's call but who pushes for improvements like this locally? Our State Representative?


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