Head of Illinois Republican Party to Lead Burns Campaign for Kane Board Chairman

Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns lands the top GOP organizer in the state as his campaign chair in the race for the Kane County Board chairmanship.

announced today that Pat Brady, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party and Kane County resident, has signed on as chairman for his campaign to head the Kane County Board.

In a statement to Burns and his supporters, Brady said, “I am honored to be working with Mayor Burns as he seeks to be elected chairman of the Kane County Board.”

In speaking of Burns’ qualifications, Brady said, “Kevin has the unique combination of executive experience coupled with a deep understanding of the operations of local government. This will allow him to hit the ground running as Kane County Board chairman.”

Brady, of St, Charles, added “Equally, if not more important to me as a Kane County resident, is that Kevin is a leader and a consensus builder; someone with the ability to work with and listen to the opinions of others in implementing sound public policy decisions as we strive to reach our shared goal of continuing to make Kane County the finest place in the state to live, work, and raise a family.”

Burns welcomed the chairman’s endorsement and support, and said, “I am honored that Pat Brady has signed on to my campaign team. His leadership, guidance, and friendship are wonderful assets, and I look forward to working with Chairman Brady as our campaign moves forward.”

So far, Burns faces in the race for the Republican nomination.


Information for this article is from a Burns candidacy press release issued Tuesday afternoon.

Karen Phillips October 25, 2011 at 08:12 PM
This will be an interesting campaign. Mr. Brady rose like a phoenix from GOP created ashes to be named IL GOP Party Chairman. The years that he was supposedly involved in Kane Co. party politics are interesting in that I was active in the Kane Co. GOP in the years he supposedly was involved. I can say that he never was involved. Mr. Brady was created as a figurehead when Steve Rauschenberger was seeking the IL GOP leadership position calling for allowing all of us to VOTE for our Republican leadership. Mr. Brady denied us that that vote and Chris Lauzen fought for it. Unfortunely our choice for our county board chairman has been turned into a Springfield dispute rejecting any form of reform from the past record in Kane of cronyism, contracts for contributions and the hiring of the past IL GOP Party Executive Director's boyfriend. I am not officially involved with any campaign. I do refuse to have my county taken hostage by outside interests fearful of ethical reform. Mr. Burns may being used as the tool in the Springfield Sect's battle to eliminate any home county call for the elimination of Prairie Parkways, energy consumption deals for friends, Sprawlways and democratic elections for leadership.
Mike Garrity October 25, 2011 at 08:45 PM
Oh, Karen...what's funnier...your carefully re-constructed personal history or your unbelievable denial of not being involved in "any" campaign. You are the ultimate Springfield insider...complete with low number license plate...and you have been running errands for Lauzen for years. The one thing you cannot fight is Lauzen's record of doing nothing for 20 years as a senator. Now you attack Kevin Burns because he was endorsed by Pat Brady. Where was this false sense of outrage when Lauzen announced his endorsements? No, Karen, you're in his camp - and that's fine, just be honest enough to admit it. And stop blogging as though you're this neutral observer. You're not, and it's obvious.
Candice Kane October 25, 2011 at 09:27 PM
I was just looking through the county/forest preserve budgets. Does anyone know who Bricor Consulting is? They seem to get a lot of money for nothing. I mean doesn't the FP usually hire conservation foundation to help them get money?
Karen Phillips October 25, 2011 at 09:44 PM
I am still waiting for your real identity. I am not attacking Mayor Burns. My concerns are with those that are supporting him. Your first lie is my license plate. It has more numbers and letters than my ridiculous tax bill! I have always stated I am in his camp in THIS race unofficially. I support him mostly for his independence from the status quo as described above. Please read my full bio on Patch Mike before bringing the same old charge up again. Read the full explanation of my history. I was with the party in the early nineties where I never saw Mr. Brady as described in his bio when he was planted, unelected, into his position. I was part of the party before we lost elections to the Democrats. Unfortunately I can not say the same for Mr. Brady. I support the faction of independents, tea party candidates and others that had to leave the GOP due to the deals that Kass and friends cover everyday in the Tribune. Oh I am no neutral observer. I just won't sit idely by while the county is held hostage to any call for reform, both with freezing taxes and an over reliance on we the citizens to pay for even more. I am opposed to some of the status quo before it costs us even more. It appears that Mr. Burns is choosing to become part of that club. I do realize that if too many of us put common sense before senseless spending it is costly for those that don't want us to catch on.
Karen Phillips October 25, 2011 at 09:59 PM
Thanks for asking Candice. My consulting firm is Bricor Consulting. In fact just this summer I was happy to assist in ensuring that the open spaces in the county were protected when the bond interests feared that the forest preserve would not be able to proceed with purchasing that open space. Ms. McConnaughay has tried to get me removed because I asked her why she changed her position on the Prairie Parkway after having Hastert volunteers help in her campaign while promoting the Parkway. Candice, I think you are not happy because I want to discuss the children of Kane Co. party leaders that got legislative scholarships for their kids. I thought the Rick Nagel was requiring the use of real names in these posts. Candice Kane is listed as some less than spectacular individual on social media sites. You may want to move forward and come forward with your real name.
Karen Phillips October 25, 2011 at 10:39 PM
By the way I receive $12,000 a year for my service to the forest preserve. I have worked there since 1993. I have even given back a percentage of my salary last year when times were tight. I asked the twelve to fourteen other consultants over at the county that Chair McConnaughay hired to join me in the return of a percentage of salary. They chose not to do so. As Editor Nagel knows I predicted this sort of maneuver on the part of the county operation some time ago. I also have a personnel file full of the detailed efforts to defame my professional purpose. The readers of my political blog should know there is a cost for speaking out. And I acknowledge that cost.
Rick Nagel (Editor) October 26, 2011 at 12:45 AM
Candice Kane. Deleted your post because of the medication reference. Please log in using your real name.
Jack Steen November 15, 2011 at 12:12 PM
How are Dennis Fatstert and his boytoy Scottie Palmer getting along in their love nest now that they've left Washington in shame and the citizens of Illinois without representation ?


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