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Geneva Was for Romney—Especially in Tonier Parts of Town

Eagle Brook and Mill Creek folks favored Gov. Mitt Romney in Tuesday's General Election; Geneva East residents liked President Barack Obama.

Geneva was for Romney in Tuesday's presidential election, but who we voted for varied drastically from neighborhood to neighborhood. 

Gov. Mitt Romney was the decided winner in Geneva Township's 21 precincts, capturing 7,950 votes to President Barack Obama's 5,938 votes. That translates to a 55.94 percent for Romney and 41.78 percent for Obama, of the 14,211 Geneva Township ballots cast in the presidential race.

About 2.3 percent of Geneva Township voters cast ballots for other candidates.

Of the township's 21 precincts, six favored Obama and 15 gave the edge to Romney, according to election results posted on the Kane County Clerk's Office website.

Romney's biggest margin of victory was in Geneva's Precinct 19, located in the Eagle Brook subdivision, a golf-course community where Romney received 70.45 percent and Obama tallied 28.48 of the total 750 ballots cast.

Obama's top performance was in Precinct 9, an "old Geneva" neighborhood just east of the Fox River and north of East State Street, where he carried 54.79 percent of the vote to Romney's 43.79 percent.

Obama won Precinct 1 (downtown "old Geneva"), Precinct 2 (north of downtown) on the West Side, and Precincts 9, 10, 15 and 18 on Geneva's East Side, including the Geneva East subdivision, which was built out in the 1980s and '90s in response to calls for more-affordable housing.

You can visit see the precinct map for Geneva and Batavia by clicking this link to the Kane County elections map.

On a lighter note, results of the Geneva Patch poll, Is Geneva for Obama or Is Geneva for Romney?, were were very close to the actual results. The unscientific reader poll showed Romney with 58.4 percent to Obama's 41.6 percent. Of the official ballots cast only for Romney or Obama, Romney took 57.24 percent to Obama's 42.76 percent.



Precinct  Polling Place Romney %* Obama %*


Coultrap School Bldg,
1113 Peyton St, Geneva

298 48.61  302 49.27 


Coultrap School Bldg,
1113 Peyton St, Geneva

232 43.04 293 54.36


Coultrap School Bldg,
1113 Peyton St, Geneva

326 59.38 217 39.53


Coultrap School Bldg,
1113 Peyton St, Geneva

375 57.43 271 41.50


Coultrap School Bldg,
1113 Peyton St, Geneva

574 57.92 404 41.07


Western Avenue School,
1500 Western Ave, Geneva

270 52.73 234 45.70


Pepper Valley Clubhouse
2105 Pepper Valley Dr, Geneva

330 5038 316 48.24


Western Avenue School
1500 Western Ave, Geneva

230 60.21 145 37.96


Fox Valley Presbyterian Church
227 East Side Dr, Geneva

247 43.79 309 54.79


Batavia VFW Overseas Post 1197
645 S River St, Batavia

123 47.67 130 50.39


Fox Valley Presbyterian Church
227 East Side Dr, Geneva

333 53.62 264 42.51


Fox Valley Presbyterian Church
227 East Side Dr, Geneva

283 50.54 266 47.50


The Holmstad
700 W Fabyan Pkwy, Batavia

411 60.80 256 37.87


The Holmstad
700 W Fabyan Pkwy, Batavia

349 60.17 221 38.10


Chesapeake Commons
1490 Geneva Dr, Geneva

188 43.12 237 54.36


First Baptist Church Of Geneva (West)
3435 Keslinger Rd, Geneva

366 60.40 232 38.28


First Baptist Church Of Geneva (West)
3435 Keslinger Rd, Geneva

812 64.80 421 33.60


Chesapeake Commons,
1490 Geneva Dr, Geneva

330 48.18 342 49.93


Western Avenue School
1500 Western Ave, Geneva

527 70.45 213 28.48


First Baptist Church Of Geneva (West)
3435 Keslinger Rd, Geneva

520 60.68 331 38.62


The Crossings Clubhouse
2684 Stone Cir, Geneva

826 60.03 534 38.81 TOTAL 7,950   5,938


SOURCE: Kane County Clerk website

John Walsh November 09, 2012 at 01:49 PM
Fortunately, the majority of Americas who voted, voted to re-elect President Obama.
Rich November 09, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Four more years of a stagnant economy, stagnant job growth, record breaking debt and extreme gridlock. We needed someone that could actually reach across the aisle and tackle these pressing issues. I don't see anything fortunate about what we got.
Kathy November 09, 2012 at 10:21 PM
Just barely!
John R November 10, 2012 at 06:05 PM
Interesting.....I believe Kane county went Obama? Assuming most people voted according to their political affiliation then I'm a bit surprised by these results. I had always figured that Kane county and the city of Geneva was much more red?? I've heard that the outlying communites are blueing up??? Anyone know if that is in fact the trend for Kane and Geneva???? I think there were at least four spots on the ballot where the Republican canidate ran unopposed. Most notably our State Rep Mike Fortner. It surprises me a bit that the Democrats in this area can't find viable canidates??? Seems that a moderate Democrat could appeal to both parties and independants. But I suppose that would mean Republicans would have to vote accross party lines which is probably unlikely. Interesting election. I thought it was going to be a lot closer and had figured Romney would come out on top. Watching the election results one thing really stood out to me. At the Obama rally it was a very diverse group of people. At Romneys it was a bunch of white guys in suits with their wives. Obama's rally looked a lot more like the America I know. The Republican's really need to figure out how to be more inclusive. It's such a shame because the party has some sound core principles but they have been hijacked by the tea party and the far right. If they don't adapt they will lose big in 2014.


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