Geneva Chamber Lobbies County for Recreation Complex at Settler's Hill

Chamber implores Kane oficials to "keep the promise" of developing the former landfill site into a recreational complex that would "bring visitors to Geneva" and dollars to local businesses.

The sent an e-blast asking members to lobby the Kane County Forest Preserve District to support plans for a .

County Board member Mike Donahue had presented the plans to the Geneva City Council in April. After some protest from residents, the county said it would not pursue a Ravinia-style music venue that was planned in the Fabyan Forest Preserve property at the northeast corner of Route 25 and Fabyan Parkway.

Donahue said later that is still in play, but not on the existing forest preserve area on that corner.

The chamber's May 31 e-blast headline is "From Trash to Treasure—Let's Make It Happen!"

"Thirty-five years ago, the county promised to develop the site into a recreational amenity in exchange for Geneva supporting the dump all those years. The landfill has been closed for over six years now, and it's time to make good on this promise," the e-mail says.

"Local visitors could and would use all the amenities being proposed; a conservatory, cross-country course, mountain biking course and future plans for a hotel and conference center. All would bring visitors to Geneva and dollars to your shops."

The message includes a link to the Kane County website and an easy "how to" contact members of the Forest Preserve to voice support of the plan. A version of that is as follows:



dallan@kanecoboard.org; MAuger@kanecoboard.org; CCastro@kanecoboard.org; dcollins@kanecoboard.org; mdavoust@kanecoboard.org; MDonahue@kanecoboard.org; RFord@kanecoboard.org; DFrasz@kanecoboard.org; THaley@kanecoboard.org; jhoscheit@co.kane.il.us; churlbut@kanecoboard.org; mkenyon@kanecoboard.org; bkunkel@kanecoboard.org; PLewis@kanecoboard.org; hlindgren@kanecoboard.org; kmcconnaughay@kanecoboard.org; JMihalec@kanecoboard.org; jmitchell@kanecoboard.org; MMolina@kanecoboard.org; JReyna@kanecoboard.org; MSilva@kanecoboard.org; TSmith@kanecoboard.org; MTaylor@kanecoboard.org; jtredup@kanecoboard.org; tvancleave@kanecoboard.org; JVazquez@kanecoboard.org; bwojnicki@kanecoboard.org


Dear Kane County Board Member/Forest Preserve Commissioner:

I support the Fabyan/Settler’s Hill Master Plan and I urge you to KEEP THE PROMISE Kane County made when it asked us to support a regional solid waste landfill 35 years ago in exchange for getting a recreation complex in return when it closed. We the people have endured the noise, dust, odor and garbage truck traffic for more than three decades, and I ask you to act now to approve this plan and open the site for public enjoyment as promised.

The people who are opposing this plan are unaware, or choose to forget, the covenant entered into between Waste Management and Kane County that required Waste Management to set aside funds for the purpose redeveloping the site for public recreational use. Your predecessors entered into this agreement on our behalf and now you are obligated to uphold it.

Please KEEP THE PROMISE and approve the Fabyan/Settler’s Hill Master Plan. Regards,


David Victor June 05, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Yes to development of the former Settler's Hill landfill. No to any development in the Fabyan Forest. The forest is not part of the "keep the promise" covenant and should be left out of any development plans. Extending development to the forest preserve area is over-reaching the bounds and terms of the original promise and should not be tolerated considering its negative impact on this natural treasure and the wildlife that call the forest home. A Concerned Geneva Resident
Dan Baker June 06, 2012 at 12:21 PM
The covenant entered into between Kane County and Waste Management was for the development of Settler's Hill, not for the destruction of the Fabyan Forest Preserve. There is plenty of room on Settler's Hill to create a great recreational complex. Let's Make it Happen - On Settler' Hill
Augi Fesi June 06, 2012 at 02:13 PM
"The Promise" was for Development of Settler's Hill and the "Old Jail House Site". It has nothing to do with the Fabyan Forest as planned. The Settler's Hill site would not involve and destruction, abuse or permanent damage to the forest or wildlife and what better place to have a mountain bike trail than on the third highest point in Kane county. It makes sense to have all the cardio training, track course and mountain bike trail sites in one location on Settler's Hill.
Augi Fesi June 06, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Want to know what is really going on with "The Promise" go to a meeting and see. Know all the facts before you decide.
Sandy Kaczmarski June 06, 2012 at 03:56 PM
When I worked at the DuPage FPD years ago, we made a distinction between park district amenities (ball parks, swimming pools) and forest preserve amenities (trails, fishing, passive recreation). Our focus was on education, conservation, and recreation. The state statute indicates a more environmental purpose for public lands. Development of this type on forest preserve land would be a mistake. Don't get me started on the ice rink.


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