Dems in Kane Co. Chairman Race View Campaigns Differently

Sue Klinkhamer and Bill Sarto are running in ways that might appear radically different to voters.

Democrats on the ballot for Kane County Board chairman are less than 24 hours away from Tuesday's primary in Illinois.

In Kane County, the race that has perhaps drawn the most attention is one for chairman of the Kane County Board.

On the Democrat ticket is Bill Sarto, a former Carpentersville president, and Sue Klinkhamer, who served as mayor of St. Charles before Don DeWitte. Current Chairwoman Karen McConnaughay is running for a state senate seat.

Heading into Tuesday

Klinkhamer has avoided conventional campaign tactics. She said she didn't raise any campaign money. She didn't seek any newspaper endorsements, telling St. Charles Patch "those don’t mean anything anymore."

“An anti-campaign would be a dream campaign, where it’s all about the issues and all about the people," Klinkhamer said.

One of her main concerns is about the amount of money that goes into campaigning, especially in a primary race, where candidates invest so heavily into a small voter turnout.

In comparison, Sarto has campaigned using traditional local election methods. He attended St. Patrick's Day events in Carpentersville and East Dundee over the weekend and has campaigned over the southern part of Kane County, as well.

Sarto said he is "pretty optimistic" about Tuesday's primary race. His campaigned platform is one of lowering taxes and promoting job growth. 

"I think it’s a good, solid message that’s resonating with voters out there," Sarto said.

Eying the competition

While GOP candidates Chris Lauzen and Kevin Burns spent the last couple of months lobbing grenades at each other, the Democrats have stayed—for the most part—away from back and forth attacks on each other. 

"It’s actually a bit embarrassing, these two guys are going at each other as much they are," Sarto said.

For Klinkhamer, the campaign goes beyond avoiding mudslinging or name-calling. In her "anti-campaign," she has decided not to put up signs, seek political fundraising or endorsements.

Burns' and Lauzen's campaigns have exchanged blows in recent weeks over red-light cameras, questionable emails and campaign contributions, just to name a few.

"To participate in something like that where it’s just throwing mud, it’s just not productive," Klinkhamer said.

Neither Klinkhamer nor Sarto had much to say about each other, when asked.

The Breakdown

Bill Sarto, former Carpentersville village president

Campaign website: billsarto.wordpress.com

Sue Klinkhamer, former St. Charles mayor

Campaign website: www.klinkhamer4kane.com


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