COW QuickStory: Mum's the Word on Misappropriation of Funds

Committee of the Whole adjourns to executive session but takes no action on Geneva streets superintendent accused of misappropriation of city funds. The council also agrees that the city should make A-frame sign owners take the signs in at night.

Geneva's Committee of the Whole went straight into closed session Monday night to discuss alleged misappropriation of funds by its streets superintendent as well as the purchase of wholesale electricity for the city's Electric Department.

Council members were out for more than an hour.

And then came back and took no action.

City Administrator Mary McKittrick answered "no comment" to a battery of questions regarding the internal investigation and criminal investigation aimed at Geneva Streets and Fleets Superintendent Steve LeMaire, who was suspended on administrative leave since Jan. 12 for alleged misappropriation of funds. 

Second Ward Alderman Richard Marks, who chaired the meeting, also said he could not comment on the closed-session discussion or the ongoing investigation.

McKittrick said the city would issue a press release when the investigation is completed.

In other action, the Committee of the Whole gave staff some general direction regarding enforcement of the city's A-frame sign ordinance.

Some sign owners are leaving the signs out all night or past business hours. In one specific case, the owners were storing the A-frame signs, turned on their sides, between a stone bench and a stone wall.

Patch will follow up on that story later.


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