COW Quick Story: A New Fire Truck, a Community Garden, a Liquor Code and Cultural Arts

The Committee of the Whole recommends a long-overdue, half-million fire truck, annexation for a Park District community garden, liquor code change just in time for Festival of the Vine and the findings of a study on the need for cultural arts in Geneva.

At least four good stories came out of Monday's Committee of the Whole meeting. You decide the lead.

A Community Garden is Coming!

The COW gave its blessing to annexation of Kane County Forest Preserve property at Prairie Green Preserve so that the Geneva Park District can create a community garden.

Geneva Park District residents will have first dibs on rental of the 124 plots in the first phase. You can plant anything you like in your garden plot, from flowers to vegetables.

All three government agencies are working simultaneously to make the community garden a reality by April. The city will pay about $25,000 for the water extension to the property.

"This is a long-awaited opportunity for a lot of people," 1st Ward Alderman Sam Hill said. "We’re going to have a lot of fresh vegetables next year.”

Fire Department Gets a Step Closer (Finally) to Buying a Heavy Duty Rescue Pumper

For five years, the city for the OK to replace its 20-something-year-old rescue pumper. And for five years, the city has pushed it to the backburner.

It's in the budget this year, and if the full council says yes to the COW's 9-0 recommendation, the city will spend $541,127 for the new fire engine and put the old one up for sale.

City Amends Liquor Code Change

Remember the flap when was shut down during Festival of the Vine last fall? This draft ordinance will make it possible for The Little Traveler or any other business that purchases the appropriate temporary license to operate during the five city festivals.

The , by the way, was found to be the most popular event in Geneva, according to the Cultural Arts Commission needs assessment survey.

Cultural Arts Survey Concludes Residents Don't Want to Construct a Cultural Arts Center

That's a long subhead, and it's only one small conclusion of a big document the COW recommended Monday night.

Only 6 percent of the 600 folks surveyed said they'd be in favor of building a cultural arts center in Geneva. But about 28 percent said they do support a cultural arts facility of some kind, and 51 percent said they weren't sure, leaving the door open to a number of possibilities, from renovating a building to sharing space with other public bodies.

The Cultural Arts Commission will connsider hiring a part-time employee to promote CAC projects, promoting the CAC brand and logo and improving its web presence.

Anonymous July 27, 2011 at 06:00 PM
Regardless of a center specifically targeted to Cultural Arts, Geneva REALLY does have a need for ONE of the downtown buildings to be turned into a Community Center - absolutely NOTHING exists for any kind of community event. St. Charles has one or two, Batavia has one or two, why not Geneva?
Rick Nagel July 27, 2011 at 07:39 PM
Great comment, Anonymous, but please log in using your name.


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