Construction Work on Route 38 Overpass Expected to Re-Start Monday

Motorists are encouraged to continue to use alternate routes, such as Kirk Road and Fabyan Parkway, to avoid the area.

Construction crews are expected to re-start work Monday on the Route 38 overpass project at the Union Pacific railroad tracks on the city’s east side, according to a city of Geneva press release. 

The $26 million project, which is being primarily funded with federal and state grants, will realign Route 38 just south of the existing roadway and feature a T-intersection with Kautz Road. 

Two wider through lanes in each direction, which will be separated by a 30-foot barrier median, will allow cars to travel over the train tracks. Other project details will include left turn lanes at various locations, curb and gutter work and new modernized traffic signals.

Geneva’s portion of the project is about $250,000, which will pay for intersection improvements at Route 38 and Kautz Road, electric work and water main relocations.

Route 38 has remained open during construction, which began in 2013, but traffic has been reduced to one lane in each direction. Motorists are encouraged to continue to use alternate routes (Kirk Road and Fabyan Parkway) to avoid the area.

Once completed, more than 21,000 vehicles will be able to bypass the grade crossing on a daily basis, which averages 129 commuter and freight trains each day. 

The overpass also will reduce pollution with enhanced traffic flow and cars no longer idling waiting for trains to clear the crossing. Due to utility relocation conflicts and weather delays, the new target completion date is summer or fall 2015.

Project updates can be found by visiting the city’s website. 

Source: City of Geneva press release 
stix slavinski March 21, 2014 at 08:06 PM
Maybe it would get finished a little sooner if there were actually people working on it. I go past there two times every day and i can count the number of workers on on hand, and they are usually just standing around talking to each other. It seems like the project is large enough that there would be more than enough things for a full crew to be doing all up and down the length of roadway.


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