City: Bar is a 'Threat to the Welfare' of St. Charles

Scotland Yard faces seven-day suspension for March 26 incident.

The City of St. Charles's Liquor Commission has suspended the liquor license for following an incident where a woman was allegedly over-served to the point of alcohol-poisoning last month.

The seven-day suspension follows a history of similar actions levied against the bar, including the most recent suspension in August.

The city’s Liquor Commission has reason to believe that Scotland Yard poses a “threat to the welfare of the St. Charles community” and issued the suspension starting this past Wednesday, according to a release from the city. A hearing is scheduled on April 12 to consider whether to extend the suspension or possibly revoke the bar’s license.

According to the city, a St. Charles police officer found a woman on March 26 outside the door to Scotland Yard who could “barely stand.” The woman reportedly told the officer she had a large amount to drink at the bar. Paramedics were called and the woman was transported to the hospital to be treated to acute alcohol poisoning.

Mayor Don DeWitte called the complacent service of Scotland Yard “unconscionable and irresponsible” in the statement.

Lynette April 08, 2011 at 02:28 PM
STC will be crying when no revenue is coming in from the bars...oops I mean pubs cause there is a law against calling a bar a bar in STC.
Jimmy April 08, 2011 at 07:59 PM
Gotta ask what bar aug 84 owns or works at or was she fired from the yard at some point? Hope you don't like any of the other bars the citys tryin to get rid of because they have a list, just ask around.
Jim Pokin April 08, 2011 at 09:28 PM
It's OK to debate the value of liquor license enforcement in St. Charles. What's not OK is to question the motive of any commenter with a different point of view than your own. People defending this bar don't have to be owners or employees of the bar. People criticizing the bar don't have to be the owners of competing bars or disgruntled ex-employees. If you're going to comment, respect the right of others to comment without having their motives questioned.
Ryan Kirk April 09, 2011 at 05:40 PM
Been reading for awhile and finally decided to post. I respect all views but reading ALL of the statements on this I feel that there is bias on one of two of the comments that seems misplaced. If the place didn't follow the rules it should be punished period. Having only been to this bar and 2 others in town once or twice I have seen nothing shady going on at this place there is another one that was would fit the above posters description imho. The Friday night I was there in November the dance club was dark and dirty and the people working less than friendly up there but what makes them "shady"? The downstairs people seemed quite nice and quite friendly and anything but shady. I guess we all have our views on life but the "shady" comment and the "STC doesnt want the bars" comment both seem to have a "personal" feel to them. Oh, and didn't a new bar restaurant just open a few weeks ago in the old Mc Nally's? I think the real issue is how do we know the story is true without reading the police report and even that is speculative without statements from all witnesses and follow up interviews. I'm not sure how many times this place has gotten in trouble in the past but last August to March is quite a long time in my opinion with no issues. This is just my OPINION based on what I can read and not all the details. Ryan
robert poznanski April 14, 2011 at 04:53 PM
Not being "bar fly's", we try to help keeping business's in St Charles viable with our patronage ,but it is becoming increasingly clear,that to do so, one must confine one's self to the daylight hours, to enjoy a drink, or meal. Once darkness ensues, all hell seems to break lose! Granted, unless one lives in a dream world,to think that the mix of hormones, alcohol,and general mayhem that seems to be rampant in society today,wont show itself in our downtown area, is being illogical, and uninformed! It is because of this, that "after 8:00 PM " has become a time ,for those who go out to eat, to avoid ! Of course, the "bar scene", has been a part of growing up in America,for as long as there has been young people looking for places to congregate, and to be seen and be seen! It is a shame, though, that it is now the only viable business , in St Charles, to seem to be able to survive these trying times! I guess it keeps the police busy enough to warrant their continuing presence,at taxpayers request, and need!


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