UPDATE: Chuck Brown Wins Reelection in Geneva's First Ward

Three candidates and one winner—the incumbent, Charles Brown.

Charles Brown has been at this City Council thing a long time, and after Tuesday night, he'll be at it a little longer. As in four more years.

Brown has been one of two Geneva aldermen in the First Ward for two decades. His latest victory came Tuesday night against two strong challengers: Library Board President Esther Barclay and Zachary Ploppert, a college student who already is active in many Geneva committees.

Brown won going away. He garnered more than his two opponents put together, taking 52.85 percent of the vote.

"We had three really good candidates in the First Ward," Brown said. "Zach and Esther—and I hope myself—have done what we can to help the community. It's sad we didn’t have a race in every ward, and it’s unfortunate that anyone had to lose in the First Ward. Both (opponents) are good people, and they’ve done great things for the city of Geneva.

After 20 years serving residents of the First Ward, what's the secret to Brown's success?

"I attribute my victory to my secret weapon: my wife," he said. "She is my campaign adviser, my finance adviser and my secret weapon."

Brown has at times been vocal in his support of keeping taxes low. He said the city's portion of the tax rate was near $1 when he first took office, and his goal has always been to get it down to 50 cents.

He is a scientist with Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and he employs an empirical review of all topics in city government, as well.

"I’m totally independent. I will agree with the mayor when I agree with him and agree with other aldermen when I agree with them. With a scientific  background, I like to ask questions. And I will contiene to ask questions."

First Ward Candidates Vote Total % of Vote Winner Esther Barclay 159 29.28 No Charles N. Brown 287 52.85 Yes Zachary J. Ploppert 75 13.81 No

Results are courtesy of the Kane County clerk's website.


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