QuickStory: Cadence Cancer Center Sails Through Geneva Plan Commission

Proposed $20 million addition moves to City Council Committee of the Whole April 23.

Plan Commission meetings always have the potential to be drawn-out affairs in which plans are scrutinized and 1,001 details—from window treatments to ingress and egress to parking spaces and setbacks—are discussed.

Thursday's meeting was nothing like that.

Plans for a $20 million addition to the Delnor Hospital cancer center gained unanimous blessing from the recommending body. Plans now go to the City Council Committee of the Whole, scheduled for April 23.

Cadence Health, Delnor's newly branded parent company, is planning to build a 25,950-square-foot addition to the 9,084-square-foot existing building at 304 S. Randall Road.

The purpose of the project is to provide a one-stop-shop cancer treatment facility. Presently, a number of cancer-treatment services are provided at locations throughout the campus.

If given the green light, the new facility would house:

  • Infusion therapy, presently located on the first floor of the hospital and the fourth floor of the 351 building.
  • The recently-acquired oncology practice on the fourth floor of the 351 building.
  • Radiation therapy located in the existing Cancer Center.
  • Lab work done at either the medical oncology practice or the outpatient lab of the 302 building.

The results will be "a better patient experience, increased collaboration between clinicians and greater efficiency," said Cadence's Charles Cloutier in a memo to the Plan Commission.

The new building will include 17 infusion bays, 19 exam rooms, radiation therapy service, a clinical laboratory and office and support space.

After the meeting, Plan Commissioner Jay Moffat explained that one reason the plans sailed through was that much of the heavy lifting was done in 2003, when the city reviewed a comprehensive Planned Unit Development for the Delnor campus. Moffat said that plan was so detailed and thoroughly outlined that most questions had been asked and answered in that process.

The primary trigger for Plan Commission and City Council review was the size of proposed addition, which will almost quadruple the size of the existing cancer center.

If approved, the project could break ground by July and construction could be completed in 14 months, Cadence representatives said.

Jay Moffat April 13, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Rick I believe the comprehensive plan was adopted in 2003 not 2009. Thanks Jay
Rick Nagel April 13, 2012 at 01:50 PM
Thanks, Jay! I made the correction to the story. Good seeing you yesterday! Geneva has a terrific group of Plan Commission members.
Gina Eddy April 13, 2012 at 03:30 PM
WOW ... I'm so happy to hear this news. Hopefully if my cancer does return I can get treatment closer to home. The one stop shopping at Loyola is fabulous, but it's a haul when you are going in often. Between this and the Living Well Cancer Center that lends other types of support we'd be in real good shape. My son is a medical physicist (in radiation oncology) at Mercy Hospitals Hall Radiation Center in Cedar Rapids, IA and they just built on to their existing radiation center a full-service one-stop shopping cancer center to make it easier on patients as well as doctors and other medical personnel to collaborate. I'm really excited about this and pray it will pass on April 23rd!!!


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