Burns Challenges Lauzen on Incinerator Issue

Mayor fires first press release salvo of the election for Kane County Board chairman.

Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns fired the first salvo in the election for Kane County Board chairman Thursday, e-mailing a press release that challenges his opponent, state Sen. Chris Lauzen, "to offer more details of a plan to site a garbage incinerator within Kane County."

According to a Daily Herald story published on Aug. 13, Lauzen proposed the idea of "solid waste power plants" in Kane County. Lauzen has not released details of what "private funds" would be used to cover the "$30 million to $500 million" price tag or where such facilities would be located.

"From Day One of any such proposal, residents who could lose even the slightest bit of their way of life must be aware of, and involved in, the process," Burns said. "Municipal leaders around the county, including myself, also should not be left to guess about what he's thinking."

Burns added that a garbage incinerator proposal is out of touch with the wishes of county residents, including those in central Kane County who are calling for positive redevelopment of the former Kane County Jail site and adjacent Settler's Hill landfill area.

Karen Phillips September 30, 2011 at 07:14 PM
I will respond to this article as a supporter of Chris Lauzen for Kane County Board Chairman due to his independent stance from the county hierarchy, his finance expertise and his credentials. He also will freeze county real estate accessments which will end the culture of the taxpayers contributing more and more to a levy that is already bloated but spent down to the last penny. I support Kevin Burns as the Mayor of Geneva. With all due respect to Mr. Burns I know that Chris Lauzen does not support incinerators and had the Burns campaign consultants done their homework they would have found a legislative record of votes AGAINST the siting of incinerators. Geneva received funding from Waste Management Inc. for various cultural events and as an longstanding east side resident I have experienced the joy of living in direct proximity to a landfill. Mr. Burns might ask good neighbor WMI why they support landfills and why they have been cited on many occasions for spillage and anti enviromental friendly incidences? If he does not find them compliant with his newfound environmental policies perhaps he should encourage is community from allowing the city to be partnered with them. By the way, Lauzen was opposed to the siting of the 2000 acre landfill in the western part of the county and represented Geneva's concerns as a legislator.
Karen Phillips September 30, 2011 at 07:24 PM
Completing Post:Chris Lauzen represented Geneva's concerns as a legislator involving issues of concern regarding the impact of landfills and was opposed to the Sprawlway ( a major road project which would destroy precious farmland.) His early support stopped a project that would bring more pollution to our county. Any innovation (environmental, financial, technical) should be given some serious consideration with an ongoing concern that taxpayers need immediate relief.


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