9 Candidates for Geneva School Board—So Far

Familiar names and newcomers are vying for four seats in the April 2013 School Board elections. Five lottery winners grab top spots on the ballot.

The game of musical chairs already has started for the April election for Geneva School Board.

As of Wednesday, with a week left to file, nine candidates have submitted petitions to compete for four seats on Geneva School District 304's Board of Education.

Five candidates—all of whom submitted their petitions at 7:30 a.m. Monday—drew lots Wednesday morning to determine the order of the ballot. The remaining ballot slots are filled in the order they are received.

As of Wednesday morning, the April 9 ballot would look like this:

  • Mark Grosso
  • David J. Lamb
  • William R. Wilson
  • Jay Moffat
  • Daniel J. Garrett
  • Robert L. Cabeen
  • Jeffrey K. DiOrio
  • Fred A. Dresser
  • Leslie N. Juby

We'll get to know each of them much better in the coming weeks and months, but this is what we know on the surface.

Grosso and Wilson are the incumbents. Grosso presently is School Board president and is seeking his second term. Wilson is chairman of the board's Finance Committee. Both were heavily involved in the recently settled teachers contract negotiations.

Juby is a former School Board member who fell just 37 votes shy of re-election in the 2011 race.

Moffat is a Geneva Plan Commission member and one of the co-founders of the Geneva TaxFACTS organization.

Robert Cabeen ran in the 2011 election and finished sixth in the race for three seats.

Other newcomers are Lamb, Garrett, DiOrio and Dresser. Garrett introduced himself in a Geneva Patch blog on Dec. 17.

Geneva Patch invites all Geneva candidates in the April election to blog on Patch. Simply hover the cursor over "Blogs" on the homepage and click "Blog on Patch."

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Jim Radecki December 19, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Thanks to the GEA for the wake up call. I hope you get everything you deserve in your next contract
Mitotero December 19, 2012 at 09:16 PM
With 9 candidates to choose from, I hope we get more information from each of them than in previous elections. Every one ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility and promised to scrutinize the budget carefully. I think we need more specific information this time around. For example: 1. Do we have excess buiding capacity? 2. If yes, which school would you propose closing. 3. What can/should be done with the current vacant schools? 4. Going forward 3 years, what terms of the teacher contract would you propose modifying. 5. Does the Geneva school district have any opportunities for expense savings if we pool resources with neighboring districts? 6. What there be any benefit to entertaining discussions regarding merging school districts? Big Picture, a Tri city school district. 7. Do you believe that the current school board has been transparent in the decision making processes? If not, what would you do differently? 8.What one change would your selection as a board member create? 9. Why do want to be school board member? 10.This list could certainly be added to. If we have 9 candidates, more information will help the voters select the best board members. I believe they all will promise to watch expenses. We need more information from everyone to determine what else they bring to the table. Thanks to everyone for running. An engaged electorate is necessary this time.
Since 1984 December 20, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Lesli Juby is wonderful. She is truly an independent who logically reasons. She is not one to favor the board or teachers. Keep your eye on her platform. I have spoken with her and it is refreshing compared to the rhetoric seen on many posts about our community.
John R December 24, 2012 at 01:07 PM
@ Mitotero good suggestions on questions for the candidates. It's critical that we really know where they stand. There is an awful lot at stake. Interesting piece in the Kane county chronicle. Apparently, Jay Moffat co founder of taxFacts, has filed to run for three boards in the April elections. He's planning on running for school, park and library. But a couple of them may be in conflict. http://www.kcchronicle.com/2012/12/21/jay-moffatt-files-for-3-offices-in-geneva/ar5yynl/ The article also list the candidates who have filed for the other local races. I believe wednesday is the last day to file nominating papers so we should know who's in or not. It looks like taxFacts are making a serious run at not just the school board but most every board with the exception of geneva township. Got to admire their enthusiasm and it should make for interesting local elections. Rice


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