Man Arrested With Semi-Automatic Rifle and Ammo Outside Oswego Walmart

Mason K. Dunne, 21, of Pennsylvania was charged with two felony counts for weapons and one misdemeanor.

A Pennsylvania man is being held on weapons charges Wednesday morning after Oswego police stopped him in the parking lot of the Route 34 Walmart with an AR-15 style rifle, 12-gauge shotgun and ammunition.

Oswego Police responded to Walmart at about 8:07 p.m. Tuesday for a report of a man with a weapon in his vehicle. Upon arrival, police met with a witness and were informed that Mason K. Dunne, 21, of Pennsylvania, allegedly had an AR-15 style rifle in car.

Police located the vehicle in the parking lot and found Dunne in the car. Dunne was removed from the vehicle without incident and during a search of the vehicle the AR-15, 12-gauge shotgun and ammunition were located.

Captain Jeff Burgner said they had not counted the ammunition yet, but there was a "significant amount" found. 

During the course of the investigation it was determined the weapons allegedly had been reported stolen during a burglary in Upper Allen Township Pennsylvania, said Oswego Police. It was also determined that Oswego was simply a stop during Dunne's travels to another state and there was no indication that there was a plan to cause violence in Oswego.

Police also determined that Dunne had a no bond warrant for his arrest out of Pennsylvania for possession of a stolen firearm.

Dunne was charged with one count of unlawful use of a weapon by a felon (Class 3 Felony), one count of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon (Class 2 Felony) and one count of unlawful use of a weapon (Class A Misdemeanor).

Dunne was transported to the Kendall County Jail and bond is set at $75,000.

resolutely john doe December 27, 2012 at 05:07 AM
No question they miss the point. Intentionally and ignorantly.
Tom Adamski January 02, 2013 at 05:18 AM
Statistically, more people are killed by drunk drivers every year than those killed with guns... Yet anytime something happens with a gun, whatever the style or caliber, all the liberal bed wetters want to reign in gun control on the lawful citizens that have them. Stop crying and figure out a way to get them out of the hands of the criminals. Impossible? Maybe, but disarming and regulating the lawful people is sure spinning your wheels in the wrong direction.
Marc Victor January 04, 2013 at 10:21 PM
I Am a Peaceful AR-15 Assault Rifle Owner I am an American. As such, none of my rights depend on a showing of need. I am a free man who has the right to define and pursue my happiness in any peaceful way I see fit. The government does not grant me rights. I was born free. The legitimate role of government is to act as my agent to protect my rights; which exist independent of government. Americans do not beg the government for rights nor are they required to demonstrate a "need" for rights... http://attorneyforfreedom.com/index.cfm/g/articles-by-marc-victor/f/peaceful-ar15-owner.htm
Wesley Fallon May 01, 2013 at 06:33 AM
It amazes me that some people expect others to give credence to their opinions yet they can't even write simple English correctly especially since there is such a strong nexus between language and cognition; "perinoid"?! "warrent"?! "hunt...birds with"...Holy dangling prepositions, Batman! WTF?! Just wait until the Rothschilds, Schiffs, Rockefellers, DuPonts, Goldmans, Sachs, Morgans and the rest of the Bilderbergers, CFR, Federal Reserve, Trilateralists , etal implement the rest of their plans for a so-called NWO (refer to the back of a 1 dollar bill and read the Latin, if by some miracle you're up to it). You'll wish you hadn't traded so much freedom for what you mistakenly believed to be security (see Churchill, Winston). Yes, continue to "freak out" and cry for abolition of guns every time some whacked-out a-hole does something stupid. Real criminals will not surrender their weapons and guns lend themselves to prohibition about as well as alcohol did. Unfortunately for those who think it's fine that no one have a gun except for our "government", guns can be made with cheap plastic and a 3D printer and ammo is commonly homemade as well. Still, keep trusting our "leaders" and the others who "run the show". They've proven themselves over the centuries (heh). "Hope" and "Change": 2 disconnected buzzwords that are just about all tat's required to keep most sheeple mollified for at least 8 years or so.
Wesley Fallon May 01, 2013 at 06:35 AM
"...just about all THAT'S required to keep most sheeple mollified..." Now they've got me doing it....


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